Black Panther 2: Will Killmonger Return?

Michael B. Jordan said he would love to come back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This article contains major spoilers for Black Panther… You know, for the three people who haven’t seen it yet.

In the world of comic books and comic book movies, death is often just a temporary obstacle. Could this be the case for Erik Stevens, aka Killmonger, who dies in T’Challa’s arms at the end of Black Panther. Killmonger-portrayer Michael B. Jordan is open to the idea…

“I’m a fan, like you said, of Marvel, of comic books, everybody knows that,” Jordan told MTV at the MTV Movie Awards. “So I mean if there was ever an opportunity for me to come back and like join this universe and work with like Joe Russo, Kevin Feige, Victoria [Alonso], and everyone over there at Marvel, re-team with Ryan [Coogler] you know, of course I would.”

Check out the video interview here…

While a Killmonger return could potentially dim the emotional effectiveness of the Black Panther ending, it would also be amazing to see Jordan’s character come back. Erik Stevens is an incredibly powerful character, one who was abandoned by Wakanda and failed by his family. There could easily be more emotional and political nuance to play out in the relationship between T’Challa and Erik, and in the character of Killmonger in general.

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What do you think? Would you like to see Killmonger come back in Black Panther 2 or another MCU movie? Let us know in the comments below…

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