Black Panther 2: Ryan Coogler Wanted Back to Direct

Kevin Feige confirms that Marvel wants Ryan Coogler back to direct the Black Panther sequel - but Coogler hasn't signed up yet...

No surprises in this story at all, folks. That headline has done most of our job for us (we really didn’t do very well on that clickbait course), but we’re going to press on regardless. 

In the aftermath of the staggering success of Black Panther earlier in the year, it was quickly confirmed that Marvel had plans for a follow-up movie. Chadwick Boseman is contracted to return in the title role of course, but one people whose involvement is less certain is Ryan Coogler.

Coogler dropped out of making Creed 2 to direct Black Panther, and inevitably, he’s at the top of the wishlist for Marvel. But he’s not actually signed on the dotted line as of yet.

“We definitely want Ryan to come back and that’s actively being worked out right now,” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirmed to Collider.

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“When will it be? A lot of it will be when Ryan wants to and not rushing anything, but I think we have an idea of when it will be. But… [we’re] not going to announce any post-Avengers 4 movies until hopefully after Avengers 4, which is another reason we’re not going to Comic-Con”.

Still bet you a 10 bucks Black Panther 2 happens, though…