Bill Murray’s Lost Sci-Fi Movie Now Available to Watch

Nothing Lasts Forever, a bizarre 1984 Bill Murray sci-fi film that never saw official release, can now be watched...legally.

OK, so maybe calling it Bill Murray’s movie in that headline was a little disingenuous. Bill Murray is certainly in Nothing Lasts Forever, along with Dan Aykroyd, but he ain’t the star. That would be Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame. But stick with me for a minute, because this is probably worth your time.

Nothing Lasts Forever is a weird little sci-fi film from director Tom Schiller, famous for his work in the early days of Saturday Night Live. It was also produced by a fella named Lorne Michaels, a name also familiar to SNL fans. The movie never saw an official theatrical or home media release, and has only aired infrequently. We have an in-depth article about it right here if you want to know more.

Well, Turner Classic Movies, without much fanfare, quietly went ahead and aired Nothing Lasts Forever in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning. You probably missed it. I sure did. It took a tip from Motherboard for me to know it happened. But there’s good news, too. If you have the Watch TCM app (and a cable provider who will cooperate…sorry Time Warner customers!), then Nothing Lasts Forever is available for you to watch until January 11th.

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