Beauty & The Beast: Disney to Explore Spin-Offs and Prequels

Disney is looking at further Beauty & The Beast movies, but there won't be a direct Beauty & The Beast 2...

Disney’s live action take on Beauty & The Beast – directed by Bill Condon – should smash through the $500 million worldwide box office barrier in the next day or two. Furthermore, by the end of the weekend, it should have overtaken Logan to become the biggest release of the year, in sheer cash terms.

Disney wasn’t shy about exploring further Beauty & The Beast movies in what we affectionately know as its ‘not very good sequels that went straight to video’ era, with the likes of Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. And it sounds as though it’s interested in exploring further Beauty & The Beast movies this time around too, although hopefully doing them a lot more justice.

At the very least, though, a direct sequel has already been ruled out. “There are currently no places for a sequel and the studio – perhaps with Alice Through The Looking Glass as a reminder – won’t try to force one,” Sean Bailey told Deadline. Bailey is head of production at Walt Disney Studios. Alice Through The Looking Glass notably failed to get anywhere near the box office success of Tim Burton’s live action Alice In Wonderland film, in spite of being arguably slightly better than it.

Instead, Sean Bailey said that Disney “will explore possible spinoff and prequel scenarios,” and we’d imagine such conversations have already been taking place. Not that we’ll get to know about them yet.

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Beauty & The Beast is playing in cinemas worldwide, even in Malaysia now. When we hear more about those spin-offs and/or prequels, we’ll let you know…