Beauty & The Beast: Bill Condon on its Deleted Scene

Exclusive: Director Bill Condon tells us about a scene he shot that you won't be seeing in the new Beauty & The Beast...

Today, Disney’s live action telling of Beauty & The Beast makes it into theaters. It’s a project that started filming in 2014, and director Bill Condon finally locked the picture at the start of the year.

While on the promotional tour for the movie, Den of Geek UK spoke to Condon about it, and about a particular moment that was shot, but hasn’t made it to the final cut. It’s a scene that’s set to appear in the DVD and Blu-ray extras, as a deleted scene.

It’s part of “The Mob Song” as the villagers head to the Beast’s castle, singing “kill the Beast” as they do so. The song was written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, and it’s particularly poignant given that Ashman was fading quickly as a result of contracting AIDS. He would die before he ever got to see the finished film, and its impact.

There’s one line from “The Mob Song” that feels particularly sad in that context. It goes:

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“We don’t like what we don’t understand, in fact it scares us. And the monster is mysterious at least!”

Ashman’s sister has cleared up that he never saw his work in Beauty & The Beast as a metaphor for his illness. Inevitably, though, it’s hard not to see an added impact of it.

The thing is, that line is missing from “The Mob Song” in the new Beauty & The Beast. And we quizzed Bill Condon as to why.

“I shot that line. I shot it,” he confirmed “It was as they were creeping through the wolf forest. There were enough of them that the wolves were hanging back, and it was a beautiful shot, moving across. It was a bit of a heartbreaker, I’m sorry you’ve brought that up [laughs]”.

So why didn’t it make the cut? “It’s one of those things: the movie was running long. I liked the scene so much that we actually slowed it down, too. It became this creeping thing. It seemed to undermine the tension.”

Condon seemed genuinely sad to have lost the scene, but did confirm that he planned to put it on the disc release later this year.