Batman & Robin Had a Prop Made From 450 Santa Wigs

1997's Batman & Robin needed, for some reason, giant magenta gorillas. Turned out they were made from Santa Claus wigs...

It would be correct to say that very few people pick 1997’s notorious movie Batman & Robin as their favourite Dark Knight adventure. The film wasn’t an outright flop, but the critical slamming it received left the Batman movies in a darker place than usual, and plans for future sequels in tatters. It would take Christopher Nolan’s 2005 adventure, Batman Begins, to bring the series back to life.

As was pretty much the norm for major blockbuster films in the 1990s, Batman & Robin’s release was accompanied by an official ‘making of’ book. When we recently picked up a copy and read through it, we uncovered a whole bunch of facts about the movie.

And this one might be the strangest.

There’s a scene in the film you might recall that takes place at Gotham City’s Botanical Gardens, where a charity flower ball is happening. In that scene are gorilla costumes. Giant magenta-colored gorillas, in fact, that allow Poison Ivy – played by Uma Thurman – to make an entrance.

If you’ve not had the pleasure, here’s what the gorilla outfit looked like…

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According to the book, written by Michael Singer, that gorilla was actually made from Santa Claus wigs. More specifically, 450 Santa wigs, that had to be “dipped with black roots and tips”. Apparently, not just any old Santa wig would do, either. The filmmakers had to try many different types, to try and get the right texture.

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