Batman Ninja Release Date, Trailer, and Cast for New Animated Movie

Batman Ninja transports the crimefighting clashes of the Dark Knight to the setting of feudal Japan for an animated movie.

The idea that Batman exists as a stealthy, gadget-wielding, contemporary crime-fighting nocturnal ninja may seem like a given at this point, but it’s a fairly recent trope that was ignited by movie and comic book reinventions and is far from the 1939 vision of the pulpy detective of creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane. However, upcoming anime Batman Ninja not only embraces said trope, but creatively utilizes it as the basis for an inventive interpretation of the mythology.

Batman Ninja is the brainchild of writer Kazu Nakashima (Futagashira) and designer Takashi Okazaki (Samurai Jack). Junpei Mizusaki will serve as director, breaking a long hiatus from 2005 anime ZooBatman Ninja shows that Gotham City has been traded for a highly-stylized quasi-historical version of feudal Japan, where Batman’s crimefighting endeavors has him taking the form of an armored, sword-swinging samurai/ninja hybrid. The solitary, honor-based lifestyle of the samurai suits Bruce Wayne well, and we can see that he’ll face a traditional DC Comics rogues gallery consisting of Catwoman, Two-Face, Gorilla Grodd and, most notably, the Joker, who exists here as a purple-armor-clad cackling samurai whose skills easily match that of Batman’s. Thankfully, his regular gaggle of costumed allies have also made this time trip, allowing them to have his back.

You can watch the first two minutes of Batman Ninja right here.

Batman Ninja Trailer

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Batman Ninja Release Date

Batman Ninja will stealthily make its digital debut on April 24, followed by the physical release of a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo (with an optional Steelbook version) on May 8. You can preorder it here.