Batman back in 2011?

The executive producer of The Dark Knight gives a brief hint of plans for the next Batman movie…

Five new posters!

A new week, and a new snippet of news in the wait for confirmation of a new Batman movie. This time, it’s come from an interview with executive producer Michael Uslan, who has remained with the big screen franchise since Michael Keaton and Tim Burton first brought the Dark Knight to life back in 1989.

In an interview with CourierPostOnline, Uslan generally talks about his career and childhood, with a bit of comment about the eight Oscar nominations that The Dark Knight received (almost all of which, inevitably, were in the technical categories).

However, he also moves on to discuss the next big screen Batman adventure, saying that the film is set to be released in 2011. That would make sense, and would follow the three year waiting pattern from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight.

When pushed about the identity of any villains for the new adventure, he, however, was tight-lipped. “It’s one of those deals where if I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Whether that means he actually knows the answer, or is waiting along with the rest of us to find out what Christopher Nolan wants to do, is unclear.

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26 January 2009