Attack On Titan Movie Gets Andy Muschietti as Director

It director Andy Muschietti has signed on to direct the new Attack on Titan live action movie.

Attack on Titan Movie

Andy Muschietti is moving on to much, much bigger things after he wraps It: Chapter 2, adapting the massive Attack On Titan manga series into a new movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Muschietti, who made Mama before both It chapters, has signed on to direct under Harry Potter producer David Heyman – lending the adaptation some serious blockbuster pedigree already. If the film stays true to the books, the anime series, or even the bonkers two-part Japanese live-action movie, it’ll need every ounce of Heyman’s Hollywood heft to get it off the ground.

What starts off as a fairly ambitious story of a world overrun by terrifying man-eating humanoid giants gets even crazier pretty quickly in the other versions, with people fighting on jetpacks, controlling giants from the inside and waging monstrous half-human, half-kaiju warfare across post-apocalyptic cityscapes. 

Attack On Titan is fairly out there, even by manga standards, and it’ll be interesting to see how Heyman and Muschietti attempt to make it work for western audiences. The one thing we know Muschietti is already good at though, is horror – and his attachment to the project suggests that the new adaption will be leaning in to the scarier side of the story. 

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No screenwriters are currently attached and there’s no word yet on when the film will start going into production. More as we get it.

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