Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation?

Could Arnie be in T4 after all? It seems that someone, somewhere, has had an idea...

Will he be back?

It was inevitable that when the fourth Terminator film was greenlit without the star who was iconically linked with the franchise involved, that talk of a cameo appearance would crop up. But it seemed that the production was going ahead without the involvement of Governor Schwarzenegger – after all, what would his voters think of him nipping off to do a film? – and the cameras duly started rolling.

Next up, we heard that the T-800 role in the movie had gone to another actor, which all but blocked off any notable involvement from Arnie, or so we thought. Roland Kickinger was, to all intents and purposes, the T-800, or at least until Arnie was seen on the T4 set with Christian Bale.

What has come to pass since is that Arnie is likely to appearing in the film, with his face basically being mapped onto Kickinger’s body. Throw in a bit of Arnie voiceover, and he manages to mop up another film credit without having to do a fat lot at all.

Production continues on Terminator Salvation, with a release date of summer next year. Don’t forget that if you need to whet your appetite, the teaser trailer appeared earlier this year, and you can check it out here.

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