Arctic Trailer: Mads Mikkelsen Snowy Survival Thriller

Survival thriller Arctic will see Mads Mikkelsen's character trying to survive in a harsh, frigid climate.

Mads Mikkelsen, he of Hannibal, Doctor Strange and Rogue One, stars in Arctic, a survival thriller currently in production.

The premise? A man stranded in the Arctic is about to get his long-awaited rescue, only for the opportunity to slip through his fingers. With no rescue coming, the man must decide whether to remain at his camp or start off across the tundra in the hopes of something better. That man will be played by Mikkelsen.

It’s nice to see Mikkelsen getting a less antagonistic role. After Casino Royale, the Danish actor tends to get cast as the bad guy. Who knows if the man will make it out of the Arctic, but it will be nice to unapologetically cheer for Mikkelsen in a film. 

Arctic Trailer

Check out the frigid first trailer for Arctic!

Arctic Release Date

Arctic is scheduled to arrive at theaters on February 1.

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Arctic was directed by Joe Penna, a 29-year-old Brazilian director who is best known for his work on YouTube under the username MysteryGuitarMan. Penna seems like a talented guy. In addition to his impressive YouTube work (which include a lot of short films), Penna wrote and directed the interactive thriller series Meridian starring Orlando Jones back in 2014. Here’s an example of Penna’s short film work…

Penna co-wrote Arctic with Ryan Morrison. The feature film has Hannibal EP Martha De Laurentis as an executive producer, along with Einar Thorsteinsson and Cassian Elwes. Production has been underway on Arctic for the last two months, with Penna sharing some #secretmovie tweets from the film’s Icelandic set.

The producers and creative team are going to great lengths to take full advantage of the Icelandic landscape. According to the official press release, Arctic has been filming outdoors in the Icelandic Mountains during one of the snowies winters on record.

“As a group of American producers, our goal has been to access untouched scenery in an effort to create something truly special. Our partners at Pegasus Pictures (Game of Thrones) and the incredible Icelandic crew have made it possible, along with the amazing team at Armory and visionary producer Martha De Laurentiis,” said Noah C Haeussner of Union Entertainment Group.

Between the scenery and Mikkelsen, this is definitely one project we’re going to keep an eye on…

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