Annihilation: New Viral Site Based on Upcoming Film Has Been Launched

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

There’s a strange new viral site out there related to the release of the upcoming sci-fi film, Annihilation. The site, which is officially titled “For Those That Follow,” was announced via this cryptic tweet from the Annihilation Twitter account. 

— Annihilation (@AnnihilationMov) January 26, 2018

Going to the website presents you with a psychedelic background that you can interact with while moving your cursor (Pro-tip: don’t move it around too fast) and a mysterious message that reads “Input Transmission.” To delve deeper into what this site has to offer, you’ll first need to copy the text of the announcement tweet (without the hashtag) and paste it into the “Input Transmission” text field.

Doing so will present you with a new clip from the upcoming film. While this is the most obvious function of the viral site, it seems that it’s not the only one. It’s actually possible to create your own coded messages by utilizing the text input field.

To create a custom message, simply choose the “Create Your Transmission” option that becomes available after you’ve typed something into the input field. That section of the site will allow you to create a coded message that you can copy or tweet out. Anyone who receives that coded message can paste it into the translator and receive the true text.

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At this time, there hasn’t been any official word regarding whether or not this viral site contains any additional bonus footage or hidden features. Still, it’s an amusing enough diversion in its current form that is fun to play around with if it’s been awhile since you last exchanged coded messages with friends.

For those who may be unaware, Annihilation tells the story of a group of soldiers who enter a mysterious disaster zone. When only one of the soldiers (Oscar Issac) comes back alive, but seriously injured, the soldier’s wife (Natalie Portman) must venture back into the zone to try and discover what happened to him and how she can help.

Annihilation is based on the best-selling book of the same name and will be released nationwide on February 23rd.