Animated Short Rightfully Pairs Archer and Kingsman’s Eggsy

Why these two super sleuths aren't getting a spin-off is a mystery only these two super sleuths could solve.

When you really stop to think about it, the worlds of Archer and Kingsman are actually quite similar. Both are parodies/tributes to classic spy films, both star spies not afraid to engage in a bit of the old ultraviolence or some occasional princess defiling, and both typically feature some impeccable fashion choices. 

Luckily, someone over at 20th Century Fox also spotted this connection and decided to release a short animated segment featuring Sterling Archer paying a visit to the Kingsmen’s legendary tailor shop/secret base. 

The short starts as a reminder that the world of Kingsman would translate incredibly well to an animated series – hint, hint – but things get really interesting when Eggsy returns to home base to find Sterling Archer trying on some suits. Naturally, Archer has discovered the group’s hidden tools/weapons cache and helped himself to a few choice items. This results in a debate which the two spies realize can only be settled via a drinking game. Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say that the last man standing decides to not walk away a humble winner. 

Now for a bit of bad news. This short was supposedly produced solely for the purposes of promoting Kingsman: The Golden Circle and isn’t the start of some wonderful crossover series that we’re sure would become bigger than Game of Thrones if some wise network – hint, hint – would only give it a chance. 

While this is, unfortunately, the very likely end of the road for these two universe’s cohabitation, this short does serve as a reminder that the Archer series can always be thought of an animated take on Kingsman there to hold you over between movies while the Kingsman films are really just modified live-action Archer adventures there when you need something to watch in-between seasons of Archer.  

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Still, there’s nothing illegal about holding out hope for more shared adventures.

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