All six Star Wars films to be released by Disney?

An Italian TV advert appears to confirm that all six Star Wars films will be released through Disney...

Back in August, rumours began to surface that Disney were preparing to release theatrical, unmodified cuts of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. Although the story was dismissed by some – understandable, given that the rights to the Original Trilogy are tied up with Fox – others argued that a behind-the-scenes deal could be drawn up.

It now looks as though those rumours may have contained a grain of truth. Film Divider has uncovered an Italian Disney advert, in which a smartphone is shown with all six Star Wars films released so far playing on it. The advert’s actually for a new Disney website, which it says will allow people to access a library of content from their web devices – including, it seems, the Star Wars films.

This is by no means a certainty, of course, but it does add further fuel to the theory that Disney really has managed to wrest the Original Trilogy rights from Fox. Take a look at the advert for yourself:

More on this intriguing story as it comes in.

Film Divider

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