Alien: Covenant Will Get A Sequel Novel In September

Ridley Scott's upcoming installment in the Alien franchise will get a follow-up in book form.

The face-huggers haven’t even hatched yet, but we’re already getting a sequel to Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel, Alien: Covenant.  Well, sort of…

Titan Books today announced that they’ll be publishing a novelization of the film, which hits theaters May 19, titled Alien: Covenant Official Movie Novelization. That novelization will arrive four days after the film on May 23, but following that up, on September 26 Titan Books will release Alien: Covenant 2, a 304-page novel billed as “The Official Sequel to the Blockbuster Film.” A little presumptuous, but exciting nonetheless.

The books are being written by novelization machine and prolific science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster, famous for contributing expanded universe stories in the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, among his own celebrated work.Unfortunately we don’t currently have plot synopses or cover art available, but you can pre-order the books on Amazon.

So after you scare your wits with back bursters and Neomorphs at the movie theater, keep the horrifying space adventure going with the sequel novel. Thankfully, since you’re reading, you are obligated to keep the lights on.