Alien: Covenant Sequel Will Begin Shooting by Next Year

Ridley Scott confirms his sequel to Alien: Covenant (and Prometheus) will be shooting within 14 months. He also talks the defunct Alien 5.

Ridley Scott is really all in with his Alien prequel saga these days. While Prometheus felt very much like a departure from his original 1979 masterpiece, charting new dark corners of a universe he created almost 40 years ago, this month’s Alien: Covenant is a return to the primal dread of that classic… and of course the xenomorph. And he’s anxious to keep it going.

While chatting with IGN UK, the sci-fi auteur confirmed not only is he planning to work soon on a third prequel, but the next Alien movie will be shooting within 14 months.

“We’re writing [a sequel] now, as we speak,” Scott said. “I’ll be filming that within 14 months.”

That means production is moving like a freight train on a movie that will likely expand upon Scott’s vision of biblical science fiction genesis by way of robots, carnivorous beasties, and unholy canisters of black goo.

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Scott also shed some light on the now apparently defunct Alien 5 film that Neill Blomkamp was attempting to make. It appears that the film was originally going to be called Alien: Awakening, and Scott also revealed that he was not part of the actual business decision by 20th Century Fox that terminated the project.

“They wanted to do Alien, er, Awakening – Neill Blomkamp,” Scott explained. “I said fine. I was going to be the producer. If I could have, I would have. Except I do question – why have both [Blomkamp’s Alien and Scott’s Alien] out there? It seems like shooting your big toe off – it doesn’t make sense. But they didn’t go forward with it, Fox, so I just kind of kept out of it. I mean, I’d literally ignited this thing to bring it off the ground again, because it was lying there dormant on a shelf. I had this thing to bring it back up – but here we are.”

And to Scott’s credit, he did reenergize the Alien franchise with its most intriguing film since Aliens. While Prometheus is far from perfect, it was a wonderfully ambitious film that this writer still enjoys quite a bit. And even though I was less kind toward Alien: Covenant, the film still has enough of that Scott magic to leave room for him to broaden the scope again with another trip into the cosmic (and synthetic) unknown.