Alexandra Daddario to Star in Tokyo-Set Thriller I Am Not a Bird

Alexandra Daddario will tear through the eccentrically ribald Tokyo nightlife, starring in dark thriller I Am Not a Bird.

Alexandra Daddario has seen her star rise, coming off a duo of blockbusters opposite megastar Dwayne Johnson in the recent Baywatch reboot (a bigger hit abroad than it was in the States,) the 2015 Earthquake epic, San Andreas and a memorable 2014 television run on the acclaimed inaugural season of HBO’s True Detective. However, she’ll be taking on Tokyo in an upcoming role in the dramatic thriller film, I Am Not a Bird.

Alexandra Daddario is set to star in I Am Not a Bird, reports Deadline. The film, an adaptation of Catherine Hanrahan’s 2006 novel Lost Girls and Love Hotels: A Novel, will see Daddario play wayward protagonist Margaret. A woman in her 20s, Margaret is an American living in Tokyo, working by day as an English instructor for a stewardess training school. However, her nocturnal activities are defined by an unbridled and nihilistic lifestyle filled with drugs and sexual encounters with strangers in love hotels, all in the apparent effort to deal with pain from childhood memories and her brother Frank’s increasing malady of madness. However, upon falling for an enigmatic gangster, named Kazu, Margaret finds herself in an increasingly dangerous dilemma centering on a missing Western girl; something she’s at risk of becoming as the mystery unfolds and the situation escalates.

I Am Not a Bird will be directed by William Olsson, working off a screenplay by novel author Catherine Hanrahan. Olsson, a Swedish filmmaker, is probably best known from the 2008 Kennedy-era coming-of-age drama, An American Affair. He was also an executive producer for the bizarre/notorious 2016 dramedy Swiss Army Man, in which Daniel Radcliffe played a corpse companion to an island-stranded Paul Dano.

For Daddario, I Am Not a Bird could prove to be a crucial starring platform on which to shine after having been part of blockbuster ensemble offerings, notably with Dwayne Johnson. The mix of dark, drug-imbued, self-destructive sex appeal should complement to neon-light-dominated Tokyo nightlife setting. Plus, just as with Hanrahan’s novel, expect the oddities and idiosyncrasies of nocturnal Tokyo to collectively serve as a character. With the story focused on the ambivalence of its main character, we could see a cinematic approach akin to a darker, sexier version of 2003’s acclaimed Tokyo-set drama Lost in Translation.  

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However, lest anyone think that Daddario is ceasing cinematic collaborations with The Rock and (San Andreas director) Brad Peyton, she’s booked to reprise her role – as the daughter of Johnson’s character – in sequel San Andreas 2 and will also field a cameo in Johnson’s other disaster epic – adapting the classic monsters-bashing-buildings video game – in the 2018-scheduled Rampage, which Peyton is also directing. She’s also booked to appear in the upcoming comedy When We First Met and cinematic thrillers We Have Always Lived in the Castle and Nomis.

There’s no word yet on when to expect I Am Not a Bird.