Adam Warlock Almost Appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It looks like we have to wait until Guardians of the Galaxy 3 before we can see Adam Warlock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Holy moley, can we please get Adam Warlock in a Marvel movie already? If this seems like I’m being unreasonably impatient, please keep in mind that Marvel Studios has already been dangling Warlock’s arch-nemesis, Thanos, in front of us for a full five years. Thanos is finally set to take center stage in next year’s Avengers: Infinity War, a story that may or may not be loosely based on the famed Infinity Gauntlet comic by Jim Starlin, George Perez, Ron Lim, and others.

And you know who the most important piece of Infinity Gauntlet not named Thanos is? That would be Adam Warlock, a consciousness-expanding glam rock cosmic messiah, who is more or less Thanos’ opposite number. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduces audiences to Ayesha, who has a connection to Adam Warlock, and the very same golden skin tone. For those wondering what Warlock could look like on the big screen, start with Elizabeth Debicki’s look in Guardians 2.

The cosmic playground of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise would be the perfect place to introduce Adam Warlock, and James Gunn was ready to do it. “I wrote an early treatment where [Adam Warlock] was a big part of the screenplay and I realized it was one character too many,” Gunn told SlashFilm. “And I adored the character. I adored what we had done with him. I think we did something really creative and unique with Adam Warlock. But it was one character too many and I didn’t want to lose Mantis and Mantis was more organically part of the movie anyway. So I decided to save him for later.”

So that means he’ll be in Infinity War, right? Well…no. Gunn said that Adam Warlock doesn’t appear in Avengers: Infinity War, but promises that the character will be a “pretty important part” of the future of Marvel’s cosmic movies. So, combine that with Gunn’s “I decided to save him for later” line, and it sounds like we will finally get Adam Warlock on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Hopefully.

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