Abrams discusses deleted scenes from Star Trek

Paramount seem to have an unusual amount of material for a special edition of the new Trek movie…

Spock's birth

Doing the publicity rounds for Star Trek, J.J. Abrams seems to be fomenting interest in a director’s cut of the impending theatrical release of the pre-boot by discussing what didn’t make it to the big screen (but might yet hit the small one in DVD-land).

Trekmovie.com has a great round-up of the various reports here, but here are the essentials:

Kirk/Spock backstory

Some of the background of Star Trek‘s principal characters will not be in the movie even though – a little bit cheatingly (allow me to invent a word) – it ended up in the trailers. Spock’s birth is apparently one of these scenes, an event that has been shown to Star Trek fans at least once before, in the impromptu Sybok therapy sessions of Shatner’s Star Trek V.

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Kirk’s alcoholic uncle – rumoured to have been played by the nowhere-to-be-seen Brad Henke – also didn’t make the cut, along with ‘George Kirk Jr.’ Spencer Daniels.

Abrams discussed the Spock birth at a French press conference:

Nero on Klingon Planet

The Romulan despot played by Eric Bana apparently had an entire sub-plot set on the Klingon prison planet of Rura Penthe, the icy and inhospitable world to which Kirk and McCoy were sentenced in Star Trek VI. A fair amount of this not-there footage has also been worked into the TV trailers (hmmm, anyone sense a controversy brewing here?).

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Apparently this fairly big swathe of extra plot will still be referred to and glimpsed in flashback. Abrams discussed the missing Klingon section with Collider:

The sheer volume of off-cuts from Star Trek suggests that Paramount can provide Trek fans with an extended edition of unusual depth – trouble is (and call me cynical), I’m guessing that a lot of this stuff was filmed as an intentional double-disc-dip, with a vanilla Star Trek disc release followed by an extended edition. The other possibility is that the second extras-laden version will simply be the theatrical release of Star Trek with extensive documentation, paving the way for a third release with all the missing scenes.