Aaron Sorkin Talks Triumph of Collaboration in Molly’s Game (Exclusive)

In an exclusive clip from the Molly's Game Blu-ray, Aaron Sorkin explains how collaboration made his first film a success.

Aaron Sorkin has been involved in so many iconic film projects over the years that it’s easy to forget prior to last year’s Molly’s Game, he had never directed one of them. Having once won the Oscar for screenplay to The Social Network (and having also penned A Few Good Men, Moneyball, and Steve Jobs), Sorkin and his dialogue cut a loquacious path in cinema before he teamed with Jessica Chastain to bring the tale of Molly Bloom, the ostensible “Poker Princess,” to the screen.

Molly’s Game is among our favorite movies of 2017, and one that deserved far more recognition. And now that it’s coming to Blu-ray and digital download, hopefully it will find a wider audience, particularly with its special features that give further insight into how Chastain’s heroine went, in real life, from a career path on the Olympic ski slopes to the gilded excess of Hollywood poker parlors. In that vein, Den of Geek has an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray, which features Aaron Sorkin revealing why he thinks his first directorial effort went so smoothly, and in which he credits cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen and editors Alan Baumgarten and Josh Schaeffer as “co-authors” on the film.

“The biggest challenge was going to be that in the 25 years I’ve been a professional writer, I’ve managed to absorb none of the science of filmmaking, lenses, lighting, things like that. The whole post-production process, but fortunately I was able to surround myself with people who are just not fantastic at that, but patient enough to establish a vocabulary with someone like me, so that it became a triumph of collaboration. I consider Charlotte Bruus Christensen,our cinematographer, and Alan Baumgarten and Josh Schaeefer, our editors, to be co-authors of the movie.”

You can see Sorkin consider the smoothness of the process in the video above. You can also prepare to pick-up Molly’s Game for yourself, and learn how to deal a full deck, when the movie is released on disc on April 10. It will also be on digital download come March 27.