A Quiet Place: John Krasinski Faces His Fear of Horror Movies

John Krasinski tells us he faced his fear of horror to make A Quiet Place and discovered he loves the genre and its recent output.

John Krasinski has always dreaded watching horror movies. At least that’s the way he tells it, referring to himself as a “scared-y cat” while discussing his initial apprehension to directing and co-writing A Quiet Place. Yet that seems inexplicable considering his debut as a filmmaker in the genre is among the best horror movies we’ve seen in the last few years.

Indeed, we mentioned just that when our Victoria Bennet caught up with him at the New York premiere for A Quiet Place on Monday. For despite claiming that he is scared of the genre, we found his chiller about what happens when a family is hounded by blind and unrelenting monsters—who will kill you if you make even a sound—totally engrossing. And yes, scary too. Yet the director, who also stars in the film with his real-life wife Emily Blunt, admits to us he has since changed his tune.

Name dropping other recent and strong horror movies like Jordan Peele’s Get Out and Robert Eggers’ The Witch, Krasinski confided to us that he’s gotten caught up on the genre’s recent triumphs while prepping to make his own.

“For this, I watched everything,” Kransinski told us. “The first thing I learned was how ignorant I was to stay away from horror movies, because they’re the best movies going right now. I mean, from Get Out to The Witch, to The Babadook, to Let the Right One In [which] is one of my favorite movies ever. So I got to see all these incredible movies I was just scared of before.”

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We can respect that, because Let the Right One is one of our favorites too, as is The Witch, a film we think has one of the best endings in horror history. And like A Quiet Place, there is a cryptic mystery to its setting, even though Kransinski confirmed to us that they built up a lot of backstory about this film’s universe.

“We have a ton of backstory, and all these questions and answers. It was actually with my production designer that we tried to get all the answers in the sets. Because one of the things I learned early on in my career is, one of the heads of marketing of a movie I did said, ‘The biggest misconception Hollywood has is audiences are stupid. They actually want to be challenged and they don’t want a lot of information fed to them.’ So I took a chance on this one.”

You can find out more of Krasniski’s thoughts on that in the above video, as well as how he has become so addicted to Rick & Morty.