A Nightmare On Elm Street remake: Freddy’s face revealed

So far, all the promotional material for the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street has kept Freddy Krueger hidden. But no longer…

In the minus column for the incoming remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street, new versions of horror movie classics haven’t been having too great a run. Also in the minus column is the fact that Platinum Dunes is behind this one, the company that’s bastardised several horror franchises on its successful journey to make a fast buck.

So what’s in the plus column? Well, there’s been some chatter that the new A Nightmare On Elm Street is shaping up to be a fine little movie on the one hand. And on the other, there’s the casting of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger, arguably the smartest move on paper that the project has made.

That said, the trailers and images to date have gone to great lengths to keep Freddy in the shadows. However, he’s now firmly out in the open, as HorrorBid.com has got hold of and posted pictures of the new Krueger. And here he is.

Our thoughts? Not a bad job, although, inevitably, we’ll reserve judgement until we see the finished film. It arrives in the US on 30th April, and in the UK the week after…

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