9 to 5 Reboot Coming and We’re OK With That

A 9 to 5 reboot...or sequel...or something...is coming. And you know what? We're here for it. What a way to make a living.

If you haven’t seen 9 to 5, the workplace comedy from 1980 with an absolutely incredible cast of Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Dabney Coleman, I’d like to suggest you have yourself an adult beverage this weekend and treat yourself. The story of three office workers who get fed up with their completely ridiculous boss (played to perfection, of course, by everyone’s favorite moustached ’80s character actor, Dabney Coleman) and decide to teach him a lesson is a real treat, and still has an edge nearly 40 years after its release. Original director Colin Higgins also directed a great but seemingly forgotten farce from the era, 1978’s Foul Play (and also wrote Harold and Maude).

Anyway, because no idea is too good for Hollywood to attempt to ruin, 20th Century Fox is planning to revisit 9 to 5. And I have to say, considering who is involved and how this was laid out by Deadline, it might not be a bad idea after all.

Original 9 to 5 writer Pat Resnick wants to team with Rashida Jones (who might end up starring in this, too) to tell a new story, but one that still has elements of the original. In this case, three new young women are dealing with similar workplace harassment and bullying, and when they’ve had enough, they “turn to the original trio for help.” It’s easy to see how this (along with CBS’ upcoming Murphy Brown reboot) would work in the #MeToo era, and the right cast could really make this pop.

Now, please place your bets on who could portray a big enough jerk to fill Dabney Coleman’s moustache.

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Also, Dolly Parton is a national treasure, and that theme tune remains an impossible to deny party starter even all these years later.

Really, they had better keep that. Reboot or revisit the movie all you want, but you do not mess with that song.