55 movie remakes currently in the works

Some are finished, some have only just been announced, and one or two are rumoured. But these are all in the works somewhere...

The original Karate Kid

No time for fancy intros, let’s just crack on with the list…

ArthurRussell Brand is reportedly in the early stages of developing a remake of Dudley Moore’s famous, and Oscar-winning, comedy. Thus far, he’s believed to be meeting with writers on the project, and Larry Brezner is attached to produce (he previously produced Good Morning Vietnam, and the US take on Little Britain). No release date clues yet.

They Live Given that much of the John Carpenter back catalogue has already been remade, or is the process of being redone, the recent report that They Live was getting the treatment too was little surprise. The firm who remade Dawn Of The Dead, Strike Entertainment, are trying to get the rights, and it’s the same company that’s also working on the remake of The Thing. Very early stages for this one, though.

The CraziesTimothy Olyphant is taking the leading role in the remade version of the George Romero movie. Romero is attached to the project in an executive producer capacity, while the new Crazies will be helmed by Breck Eisner (he who made Sahara, and we’ll be meeting again when we talk Flash Gordon later). The film is due out in September 2009.

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Romancing The Stone Fox has raided its back catalogue and chosen the cracking Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner adventure for the remake treatment. Thus far, it’s found a writer for the project, with Eagle Eye scribe Daniel McDermott hauled in to pen a script. No news yet on casting, director (although it’s safe to say that original director Robert Zemeckis wouldn’t give it another go) or release date…

The Incredible Shrinking Man The 1950s movie, with a title that leaves few clues as to what it’s about, is being redeveloped as an Eddie Murphy vehicle. Brett Ratner had been in talks to direct, but a helmer isn’t yet attached to the project, and Murphy has Beverly Hills Cop 4 coming up anyway. Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant (who penned Night At The Museum) have written the script. It was originally down for 2010 release, but that may be a little optimistic now…

The Illustrated ManOnce he’s done and dusted with Watchmen, Zach Snyder has a plethora of projects he’s linked with, and the remake of The Illustrated Man has been on the table for a while. Originally made in 1969, and based on a collection of Ray Bradbury short stories, Alex Tse (who scribed the Watchmen movie) is on script duties. 2011 would be a good shout for this one, should Snyder get to it next.

When Worlds Collide Originally brought to the screen in 1951, and picking up a special effects Oscar for its troubles, director Stephen Sommers is now linked to a remake of the film. The story of Alpha Centauri being on a collision course with the Earth currently has Sommers reportedly working on a script. He’s currently in post-production on G.I. Joe, but has also been linked with the new Tarzan movie. Still, this is a project believed to be live and kicking, and one heading for the screen in 2010/2011.

Fantastic VoyageThe 1966 classic about a submarine that’s shrunk and injected into a man’s bloodstream to try and stop a potentially fatal blood clot is on director Roland Emmerich’s slate. Cormac and Marianne Wibberley – who wrote the National Treasure movies, among others – are on script duties. Emmerich is still in the midst of making 2012, however, so don’t expect this one for a couple of years yet.

Back To SchoolThe original was a hit for the late Rodney Dangerfield. But the 80s comedy is now in development again as a vehicle for Cedric The Entertainer. David Ronn and Jay Scherick are penning the new script, and the project is currently stuck in development pending a formal green light. That may be in time to get it to the screen in 2010, though.

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MeatballsThe original: directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Bill Murray. The proposed remake: potentially to be directed by John Whitesell, he who gave us Big Momma’s House 2 and Deck The Halls. Hmmm… Expect it in 2010 at the very earliest.

MetropolisThere’s an option out on a new version of the Fritz Lang’s classic, although there’s been little movement on the project for a while now. Thomas Schuhly, the producer who worked on Alexander and an assortment of other projects, is the only name attached thus far.

The Dirty DozenRobert Aldrich’s late-60s classic is on producer Joel Silver’s slate for a remake. An assortment of writers are attached to the project, although there’s no director or casting news yet. The film is pencilled in for a 2012 release.

13The 2005 French movie 13 Tzameti is getting the Hollywood treatment, with original writer/director Gela Babulani on board for the English language version. It’s got a promising cast, let by Jason Statham and Ray Winstone, with the likes of Ray Liotta and Mickey Rourke also on board. It’s filming now, for a 2010 release.

ConanIt looks like the third big screen Conan adventure will be heading back to the source material and doing a bit of a ‘reimagining’. And while we’re not averse to the idea of Conan coming back – with Arnie apparently having his arm twisted to try and get him to do a cameo – the likelihood is that Mr Brett Ratner will be directing, once he’s done with Beverly Hills Cop 4. A 2010/11 release window is likely.

Clash Of The Titans A remake of the 1981 movie, this is set to start filming in the Spring, with The Incredible Hulk’s Louis Leterrier set to direct. Sam Worthington is the only known casting so far, and the film is set for release in 2010.

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AkiraThe film that kickstarted anime cinema’s assault on Western audiences, 1988’s Akira has been mooted for remake for some time. The current status is that a final draft of the script is still to be forthcoming (Gary Whitta is on scribing duties), with Ruairi Robinson – the 3D animator on Breakfast On Pluto – down to direct. Leonardo di Caprio is producing but not appearing in what will be a live action remake. 2011 is the earliest you’ll see it.

The Karate KidThe 80s classic is heading back to cinemas, possibly as early as the end of next year, with Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith attached to the film in the title role. Stephen Chow, the original director linked with the project, is likely to find his Green Hornet commitments count him out, so expect news on a helmer shortly. In the meantime, the script is being polished off, and filming is set for next year.

Death WishFor our money, this was remade with Jodie Foster as The Brave One last year. Anyway, MGM still has plans to make a Death Wish movie, although original choice Sylvester Stallone is not attached, we understand. The studio is apparently keen to get the project movie soon, however.

FootlooseThe latest news on the planned Footloose remake is that High School Musical’s Zac Efron is in line to star. HSM’s director Kenny Ortega is down to direct, for a 2010 release.

The Taking Of Pelham 123 One of the finest films of all time involving a train, The Taking Of Pelham 123 has been remade, and is now in post production, under the watchful eye of director Tony Scott. Denzel Washington and John Travolta are in the lead roles, and the release is set for 31st July 2009.

State Of Play Can a great, six hour miniseries be remade as a two hour movie? That’s the plan, as the John Simm-starring series becomes a big Hollywood film with Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, Helen Mirren and Rachel McAdams in the cast. It’s in post-production now, for release in April 2009. Kevin Macdonald directs, following on from his success with The Last King Of Scotland.

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The Last House On The LeftThe remake of Wes Craven’s 70s horror is in the can, set for release in 2009. Dennis Illiadis has directed, and the cast features Monica Potter and Sara Paxton. Craven is attached as producer.

FameThe Alan Parker musical of 1980 is getting remade, and after a bit of toing and froing, Kevin Tancharoen – the director of Britney Spears: Live In Miami – is down to helm the project. Filming is due to start imminently, with a 25th September 2009 release date mooted. A cast of relative unknowns is in place.

Red DawnThe 1984 hit is being remade, with Dan Bradley behind the camera, and Disturbia scriber Carl Ellsworth penning the screenplay. Bradley was the second unit director on Quantum Of Solace, incidentally. The film is due out in 2010, but a start date for filming hasn’t been confirmed.

Short CircuitThis one’s still on for 2010, although a director and cast are still to be announced. David Foster is producing though, and he was one of the string-pullers behind the 2005 remake of The Fog. He also produced the original Short Circuit. And he’s attached to…

The Thing This one’s still in the script stages, where we hope it gets stuck. The original is a flat-out classic, but given how many John Carpenter movies are getting the remake treatment, we suspect it’ll get to the screen in the next three years.

The BirdsThe Hitchcock classic is up to be remade, and Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is still believed to be involved. A 2011 release date is mooted, and both Naomi Watts and George Clooney have been linked to the project. No word on a filming start date, though.

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HellraiserClive Barker’s classic is coming back to the big screen, this time in the hands of writer/director Pascal Laugier. However, it’s still some way from getting to the screen, given Laugier’s commitment to another project first. 2011 would, therefore, be a good guess for a new Hellraiser project.

PoltergeistNo studio seems as committed to pillaging its back catalogue as MGM is, and Tobe Hooper’s Poltergeist is currently on its slate as well. The 1982 original, produced by Spielberg, will be remade by Vadim Perelman. He previously directed House Of Sand And Fog, and the new Poltergeist may make it out for next year.

OldboySteven Spielberg is bringing a new take to Oldboy than the 2003 Korean corker, with Will Smith attached to the project too. Smith has said that the film will be based on the original manga, rather than the film itself. Not strictly a remake, then, but you can bet that the overlap will be noticeable…

WestworldIt’s been an on-off project for so long, that we hope that the late Michael Crichton’s terrific original will be allowed to stand. However, a rampaging robot around a theme park is just the kind of thing Hollywood likes, and the project is still believed to be in the scripting process.

36The French original pulled together Daniel Auteuil and Gerard Depardieu, two giants of France’s cinema industry. The American remake, has Martin Campbell attached to it (the same Martin Campbell who is involved with The Birds), and it’s currently being rewritten with the plan being to go into production next year.

Logan’s RunIt’s been caught in development hell for a while, but the planned remake of Logan’s Run is believed to be back on the burner. Joseph Kosinski, who’s currently working on TR2N (or Tron 2, as we prefer to call it), currently has it lined up as his next project, for a 2010/11 release.

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Child’s PlayChucky is coming back to the big screen, potentially with Brad Dourif involved in the project. Seed Of Chucky director and original writer Don Mancini is down to write and direct this remake, which is set for release in 2010.

The Rocky Horror Picture ShowRichard O’Brien is believed to be not best pleased about it, but an option has nonetheless been taken out on a new version of the massive cult musical hit. No more news is available on the project right now, so it’s safe to assume it’s a couple of years away.

Flash GordonThere’s no start date yet for filming, but Breck Eisner – he of Sahara fame – is down to write and direct. If there’s no room for Brian Blessed, we suggest we organise a worldwide boycott right now…

Rosemary’s BabyThe original: a 70s classic, that still pull its punches now. Directed by Roman Polanski, it’s regarded as one of the best movies of that decade. The remake? It’s being produced by Michael Bay. It’s due out in 2010.

The JetsonsThe animated movie is getting a live action remake, clearly inspired by the stunning pair of Flintstones movies. Ahem. Robert Rodriguez was in talks to be involved in the project, but no formal confirmation has since been forthcoming. Expect it in 2011 at the earliest…

StarfighterThe 1984 cult hit The Last Starfighter could be heading back, with original director Nick Castle at the helm, presumably with a more bountiful budget to play with. It’s still in development, though, with a 2010 release window the earliest we’d get to see it.

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Forbidden PlanetThe main reason to be interested here is the involvement of Babylon 5’s J Michael Stracyznski. He’s attached to the script for the remake of the 1956 classic, although it doesn’t appear yet that a screenplay has been finalised. Joel Silver is producing, with a 2010 release date planned, but looking unlikely.

Sympathy For Lady VengeanceCharlize Theron is loosely attached to the planned remake here. Chan-wook Park, the writer/director of the Korean original, is not believed to be involved. Theron is currently linked as producer, but may star when the film gets to the screen, probably in 2010.

Near DarkMichael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company is behind the remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 vampire flick. Attached to direct is Samuel Bayer, whose CV is filled primarily with musical videos to date. The film seems a little lost in development hell right now, however, and the release date is at best a few years away.

BarbarellaGrindhouse’s Rose McGowan is attached to the lead role in this planned new take on the source material that inspired the Jane Fonda movie of the same name. Robert Rodriguez will be directing, although the film is reportedly having trouble getting its finances together. Don’t expect a release anytime soon…

Red SonjaRose McGowan again, although this one’s closer to getting to the screen, giving that the new take on Red Sonja is currently in pre-production. Directing is Douglas Aarniokosoki, who has previously done second unit directing work on Taken, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Resident Evil Extinction. Presented by Robert Rodriguez (in the words of the poster, anyway), the film will be out in 2010.

Last Tango In ParisBelieve the rumour mill, and Tom Cruise is potentially circling the Marlon Brando classic as fodder for himself and his wife, Katie Holmes. Nothing is in pencil, yet alone ink, but the mere suggestion of it brings us out in the shivers.

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Angel HeartThe Robert De Niro/Mickey Rourke horror, originally directed by Alan Parker, has been picked up by the man who used to run New Line Cinema, Michael De Luca. Along with this co-producers, he’s now believed to be in the early stages of putting a new film together based around the book Fallen Angel, which provided the foundation for Parker’s film. It’s a good few years away, though.

The Host Asian monster movie The Host has been picking up a healthy audience on DVD, but it’s now also getting the American treatment. The film has been snapped up by Gore Verbinski – who remade The Ring – and he will be producing a new version of the film. First time director Fredrik Bond will be wielding the megaphone, and the film is in the very early stages of its production life.

High and LowMike Nichols is back behind the camera, for a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s High And Low. The 1963 original was based on the novel King’s Ransom, and the new version has been written by David Mamet. Originally developed by Martin Scorsese, Nichols is likely to get it before the cameras next year.

My Fair LadyA film that many of us in the land of Geek have a soft spot for, but perhaps not if Keira Knightley, as planned, gets her paws on the role of Eliza Doolittle. Musicals are big business right now, though, and while Knightley isn’t believed as of yet to have committed to the role, the film is likely to go ahead.

RashomonAkira Kurasawa again, with this time a new attempt to get his 1950 classic remade, and this time with a little more luck. Funding is in place this time, on a version of the film that will switch the action to modern day America. It’s set for release in 2010, but no director or cast has thus far been announced.

All Of MeThe classic early 80s Steve Martin comedy, where he shared a body with Lily Tomlin, is under the remake microscope, with Adam Shankman – who directed Martin in Bringing Down The House and Cheaper By The Dozen 2 – in line to direct. Shankman has a slate of films in development though (with Hairspray 2 likely to get top priority), so a new All Of Me may end up on the back burner. Queen Latifah has been mentioned as a casting option.

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10The rights have been picked up to do a new take on the Blake Edwards/Dudley Moore/Bo Derek comedy 10. Edwards is apparently on board as an executive producer, although a new cast and director is yet to be announced. Expect a 2010 release, though, would be our guess. It’s too easy a poster to pass up.

Captain BloodThe Errol Flynn pirate flick of 1935 is inspiring a remake, which is in no way down to the fact that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies made potloads of cash. Phillip Noyce is down to direct, casting has yet to be announced.

HighlanderThere will be only one, they said. Bleedin’ liars. The latest entry in the Highlander franchise is a full on remake of the original, presumably with the plan of foisting an army of further sequels on us. Matt Holloway and Art Marcum are writing the new film, and one of the original producers, Peter Davis, should be back to produce this one. It’s believed that cameras will roll in 2009.

Brighton RockGraham Greene’s classic Brighton Rock is going back before the cameras thanks to Optimum. 28 Weeks Later scriber Rowan Joffe is scribbling the new script, which he will also direct, moving the story to the 1960s in the process. Production should begin next year.


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