44 upcoming movie sequels you didn’t know about

When there's no more room in development hell, some pretty unlikely films will walk the Earth again….

 Kung Fu Panda 2You’ll only have to wait until 2011 for the second round of exploits of DreamWorks’ latest animated hero. All of the main voice cast are expected to return. Not surprising, given that the film is DreamWorks Animation’s biggest non-sequel hit…

Get Smart 2Steve Carell has signed on for a follow-up to his spoof spy caper, which has pulled in nearly a quarter of a billion box-office dollars worldwide. It’s in early development now, but we’d guess that 2010 is a possibility for the further adventures of Maxwell Smart.

The Lost Boys 3After Lost Boys 2: The Tribe became one of Warner Bros’ most successful direct-to-DVD projects, it was perhaps inevitable that another film would churn off the production line. This time, it’s going to be a prequel, with a 2009 release date a possibility.

Lethal Weapon 5Murtaugh? Coming out of retirement. Riggs? About to retire, but wanted one more case. Lethal Weapon? Back for one more drive round the block, off a screenplay from franchise-creator Shane Black. Mel Gibson is believed to not be interested, however, although that hasn’t, as you might expect, killed the film.

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Bull Durham 2The sequel-allergic Kevin Costner could be about to break the habit of his career, and reprise an earlier role. He seems to have settled on Crash Davis, though, in a planned sequel to Bull Durham, that would bring back Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon too. Original writer-director Ron Shelton is, fortunately, involved.

The Break Up 2We weren’t that keen on the first one, which seemed to be two hours of watching rich people argue. But it enjoyed enough success that some serious cash is reportedly being wafted around to try and reunite Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston for another round of arguments. No word yet on whether the stars are up for it, though…

Wall Street 2How will Gordon Gecko fit into the credit-crunch noughties? We may be about to find out, as Allan Loeb has been commissioned to write a follow-up to the seminal 80s flick. Charlie Sheen’s character is not expected to appear, and it’s unclear at the moment if Oliver Stone will remain involved. Hope so.

Heathers 2Nothing concrete here, short of writer Daniel Waters having said that he has an idea and plan for a sequel to the 80s cult hit, and that Christian Slater and Winona Ryder are believed to be willing to reprise their roles.

Blade Runner 2The scribes behind the Eagle Eye movie were recently reported to be working on a potential follow-up to Ridley Scott’s science fiction classic. Harrison Ford has said, in an interview with Moviefone, that he hasn’t said he’s not interested, but “I have not been at all engaged in that process”. Don’t expect anything soon.

X-men Origins: MagnetoCan you count this as a sequel? Just about, as what will become the fifth movie in the X-men cinematic franchise currently has David Goyer banging out a script, and also attached to direct. Goyer’s busy schedule may mean we’ve got a couple of years to wait for this one yet. X-men: First Class is in the works, too.

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Ghost Rider 2Nic Cage is keen to return to his long-in-gestation comic book movie debut, and Marvel too is keen to push a further instalment of Ghost Rider into production. When schedules align, this one’s a goer, with a 2010 release date likely.

Big Momma’s House 3It’s surely been a long time now since anyone cheered the arrival of a new Martin Lawrence comedy. And when it happens to be Big Momma’s House 3, then that must pour water all over the face of even his most enthusiastic fans. Sadly, the Mrs Doubtfire knock off is indeed on its way to trilogy box-set land, with the script in the early stages of development. It’ll be out in 2009.

The Wedding Planner 2Why? The J-Lo romcom of 2001 was hardly the most ambitious or engaging film in the genre (although next to Maid In Manhattan it looks like a masterpiece), and while it took a tidy amount of money, is it really worth resurrecting well over half a decade later? Who needs the money this badly? Madonna, quite possibly, who has been linked with the project.

Mean Girls 2The original? One of the sharpest, smartest teen comedies of the last ten years. The follow-up? The latest out of Paramount’s direct-to-DVD sequel sausage machine. With little chance of the original cast, or director Mark Waters, returning, we hold out few hopes for this being any good, sadly.

Scream 4It continues its journey through the hell of development, and while it’s believed that several key parties are keen to make a fourth Scream movie, there’s little sign right now of cameras whirring into action. Or, heck, even someone sitting down and writing a script. Expect to wait a bit longer, and have to sit through at least two more Scary Movies first…

Beverley Hills Cop 4It’s full steam ahead for the return of Axel Foley, this time under the stewardship of Den Of Geek’s favourite director, Brett Ratner. Eddie Murphy is back, but what about Judge Reinhold? We can but hope. Expect a 2010 release.

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Hairspray 2The film of the musical based on the John Waters film was a sizeable hit in 2007, so much so that a follow up is in the works. Director Adam Shankman is believed to be interested again, and Waters may well help out on story duties. July 2010 is the intended release window.

The Strangers 2The small horror hit of earlier this year will be returning to our screens with a follow-up in 2010, with filming set to take place next year. Liv Tyler is likely to return, and Bryan Bertino is hammering out a script again.

Harold & Kumar 3Their recent trip to Guantanamo Bay did wonders for Messrs Harold and Kumar, who brought in enough box office to merit a third film. It’s in the early stages right now, and we’d guess at a 2010 release date.

Ju-on: The Grudge 3Soggy dead girls ahoy, as the fifth and final episode of the original Japanese Ju-on franchise is on its way to the screen. Takashi Shimizu   once again writes and directs. The US version will follow.

[Rec] 2Recently remade in the States as Quarantine – with a smattering of success – the Spanish chiller that started the ball rolling is set for a sequel in 2009. The original writer-director team is attached to the project.

Camp Rock 2Going straight to television, where it belongs.

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Wanted 2Expect cast and crew to reunite for one of two possible sequels to this summer’s surprise hit. The first is due in 2010 or 2011.

Spider-man 4 and 5It looks like Sam Raimi is going to direct both films now, which are being shot back to back. Tobey Maguire is the webslinger again, and Spidey 4 – possibly with The Lizard – will be out in 2011.

300 2The follow up to one of the biggest hits of last year, the 300 follow up is in the midst of discussions between the ever-busy Zach Snyder and the equally-busy Frank Miller. Miller is working on a graphic novel that will form the basis for the new film, so there’s no release date yet.

Batman 3/Dark Knight 2It’s not been announced, but there’s no way it’s not going to happen. 2011 at the latest.

Saw 6Don’t believe all those posters that tease you that you won’t believe how it ends. Because the Saw saga isn’t ending yet. Saw 6 is already primed and in the works for release next October. Yippee!

Final Destination 4A franchise that we’ve always enjoyed a delirious guilty pleasure hopes to get back on track after the disappointing third outing, with David R Ellis back in the director’s chair. He made the second film, then went off to do Cellular and – yes! – Snakes On A Plane. And what’s more, Final Destination 4 – out in 2009 – will be in 3D! Can life get much better, we wonder?

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Iron Man 2 and 3Like you didn’t know this already. Iron Man 2 is out in 2010, and you can expect a third film two years after that. Jon Favreau will be directing them all, and Robert Downey Jr will remain the man of iron. In other news, bears shit in the woods.

TR2NA horrible title, straight from the land of text speak, but it’s good to see Tron finally getting the follow-up it deserves. Jeff Bridges is back, too, with Joseph Kosinski directing. We’d guess that, given the required effects work, it may be 2010 before we see the end product.

Road Trip 2Paramount’s straight-to-DVD sausage machine churns out an unnecessary sequel to the decent enough American Pie-alike.

Naked Gun 4Another Paramount straight-to-DVD effort, that’s due to appear in 2009. Sadly, it seems that none of the original cast or crew are involved in any form whatsoever, and that it’ll all be centered around a different police squad to the one that Frank Drebin and co bumbled through. Ridiculous.

Wild Hogs 2: Bachelor RideThe City Slickers knock-off made lots of money, despite not being very good, on its first outing, so director Walt Becker is in pre-production on another outing, set for a 2009 release. John Travolta is likely to return.

Army Of The DeadOnce Watchmen is out of the way, Zack Snyder is likely to move on to a sequel to his remake of Dawn of the Dead, entitled Army of the Dead. It’s unconfirmed as of yet whether he’ll direct, but it’s in the early stages now.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4High School Musical star Zac Efron has become the latest to sign up to the fourth Pirates movie, after Johnny Depp’s bumper payday was all but confirmed. It’s a few years off yet, though, which should give them time to finish a script this time.

Rambo 5Stallone, off the back of the commercial response to the fourth Rambo film, is set to take his aged warrior back into battle, possibly for two further adventures. What’s certain is that Rambo 5 is now in active development, and that Sly will be writing and directing once more.

I Am Legend 2The prequel to the huge worldwide hit is now firmly in development, with Will Smith and director Francis Lawrence back on board. The focus will be on the days after the virus first took hold, and caused the barren wastelands that we met in the original film. Don’t expect the film for a few years yet, though…

National Treasure 3Given that in the last film, Nic Cage had to break into Buckingham Palace and The White House, as well as kidnap the US president, we wonder just what’s left for the upcoming third adventure in the fun-but-ludicrous National Treasure saga. Will he have to go digging on the moon or something? We’ll find out in 2010.

Indiana Jones 5There’s no way this won’t happen, given how much money the middling Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull made. They’re just waiting for George to come up with an idea for it. Hmmm.

xXx 3 Xander Cage is set to return to the xXx franchise, after skipping the second film, as Vin Diesel looks to buy himself a hit. With Rob Cohen rumoured to be heading back to the director’s chair too (after Lee Tamahori took charge with the sequel), we could see this one in cinemas in 2010.

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Inside Man 2Full steam ahead on the sequel to Spike Lee’s caper film of a few years’ back. Clive Owen is set to return, and Lee is down to direct again. It’s currently at the scripting stage, with a 2010 release planned.

Under Siege 3Steven Seagal hasn’t seen the inside of a cinema – outside of an Orange advert – for a number of years now, and unsurprisingly, a second sequel to his biggest box office hit has been suggested for a number of years. Bizarrely, the man Seagal has been talking about taking the franchise into, er, extraterrestrial waters. Hmmm. There’s no greenlight yet, surprisingly, but one is being actively pursued.

Bourne 4This one’s a goer, with a 2010 release date planned. A script is now in the early stages, and both Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are set to return.

Silent Hill 2Stuck in development hell, with a tentative 2010 release date attached, the second Silent Hill movie is still likely to go ahead, but there’s still no star, director or writer attached. That’s not encouraging.

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