30 Days Of Night Blood Trails DVD review

A brief introduction to a brief review of a very brief disc.

Blood Trails isn't very good, sadly.

I didn’t know anything about 30 Days of Night before watching this, so I thought that starting with the mini-series prequel might give me some idea of what it was about. The conclusion I came to was that it was about lots of blood and some screaming. This DVD sucks.

What you won’t know, unless you look very closely before buying it, is that this is a bunch of ‘webisodes’ that last about three minutes each. The trouble is, they ALL have their opening and closing credits attached, presumably to up the stated running time. The result of this is that you spend most of the disc watching the stupid credits and not the story. Even worse, all the episodes have ‘Next time on…’ segments, meaning that the amount of actual content on here must be negligible.

There are some interviews with the cast and crew, but they are just as short and about the least insightful thing I’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing. Every single person says, “Hahahaha, we used loads and loads of fake blood, I like fake blood, look at how much fake blood we used!”. I’ve heard GCSE students produce reviews of their work which are about a thousand times more critical and perceptive than this rubbish. If there was an award for using the word ‘blood’ on a disc that holds video, this would probably win it over a disc containing a documentary about the history of fake blood containing comparisons to real blood, what fake blood is made out of and the use of blood in major feature films whose titles include the word ‘blood’.

This is something which should have been included on the original release. Whoever decided it needed a separate product was either very forgetful when it came to designing the original, or a complete rip-off merchant, or has never heard the words ‘Special Edition’. Even completists will agree with me on this.

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Short review, you say? Well, it’s a short disc. Get used to the feeling of being short-changed, and apply liberally.

1 out of 5


1 out of 5