29 possible titles For Con Air 2

We set our Twitter followers a challenge: could they come up with a title for the proposed Con Air 2? Turns out that yes, they could…

Con Air

Yesterday, on the Den Of Geek Twitter account (which you can find at www.twitter.com/denofgeek), we started asking, after we’d had too many coffees, for suggestions of a title for the possible Con Air 2 that we talked about yesterday. And it seems a pity to restrict some of the ideas that arose to just Twitter.

So, if you’re having the same kind of caffeine overload as us, you might just appreciate some of these…

“I’d like it to be about a spelunking trip gone wrong. Con Cave” – @jdalmas

“A spelunking sequel could also be called Con-Descending” – @Badmoviepolice

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“Meet a sinister con with a penchant for confusing puzzles in Con Vex” – @CosRyan, also suggested by @perception101 and @is_jon

“Nic Cage stuck in a car with the climate control stuck on. Air Con” – @ryanlambie

“It could be set in an electrical substation. Con-Fused” – @mightytonka

“Maybe it could be loosely based on some book? Con Text. Then we’d always know where we are” – @jammymissj

“How about a sequel involving them going on a holiday to Greece? Con Crete” – @AndyMc_

“Nic Cage stuck on the Tex-Mex border with a load of criminal cattle. Con Carne” – @JoeHullion

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“Nic Cage reprises The Rock car chase during rush hour. Con Gestion” – @nevskyp

“A poet con. Con Verse” – @Gaz_1

“A story about a well constructed plotline: Con Sequential” – @KevinPocock

“Low ranking police office becomes a hero while negotiating a hostage situation in a barn. Con Stable” – @ianashworth

“Nic Cage celebrates the success of the first Con Air – Con Gratulations” – @MattEdwards83

“A prison transport goes down over South America. Chile Con Carnage” – @IanSanders1981

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“Something about prisoners on a camping trip: Con Tented” – @T2m3r1ty

“I hear they’re bringing in the writers of Yes Man and calling it Con Cur” – @batmandrw

“How about a nice love story. Con Sensual” – @nh0jj0hn

“I’d like to see something more emotional and less macho than the last effort. Con Tender” – @TheSlay

“Nicolas Cage in a wacky sex comedy. Con Dom” – @hollywoodron

“Sequel to be only thirty minutes long. Con Densed” – @jonathangard

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“The prisoners think about turning over a new leaf in Con Templative” – @GCDB

“Nicolas Cage in Con Air 2 – Con Tinued” – @mattsouthcot

“Nic Cage has to spend a short amount of time co-existing with criminals of the same age. He is Con Temporary” – @ricbradley

“Two siblings need to convince lawyers they’re Siamese twins so one can escape a murder charge. Con Joined” – @archaeologyBoy

“Nic Cage crossdresses to portray John Cleese’s ex-wife and Fawlty Towers star in Con-nie Booth” – @enticknet

“Nic Cage starts working on the large Hadron Collider in Con CERNed” – @DazzaSchofield

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“Urban remake: Def Con” – @Crow_T_Robot

“What about the cautionary tale about dealing with cons, Con Tact?” – @geeky_vixen

And how about crossing Con Air over with another, er, ‘classic’ 90s movie, in “Con Go” – @Infamousslogan

Now, if anyone has had a particularly sizeable amount of coffee and wants to try spinning one of those out into a spoof movie poster, our e-mail address is geekcontent@gmail.com.

Bonus points for getting a “Get The Bunny Back Out Of The Box” tagline on there…

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