22 direct to DVD movie sequels currently in production

The direct-to-DVD sausage machine proves more and more lucrative for studios. Here's another jumbo pack...

The Goonies 2

Prepare to be frightened. Some of the following we’d have, to be fair, quite liked sequels to. Just with some money spent on them. Instead, we get this lot…

The Art Of War II: BetrayalThe follow up to Wesley Snipes’ underwhelming action flick, and one of the few direct-to-DVD sequels to bring back its leading star with it! It’s just come out in the States, and isn’t very good apparently. We are officially shocked. Ahem.

Bad News Bears 2A sequel to a remake of an original. Don’t expect Billy Bob Thornton to go anywhere near it.

Beethoven’s 6thSigh. A franchise that had led dormant for a few years gets resurrected again with another bloody big dog cajoled out of its kennel in exchange for some biscuits. It’s a cruel world.

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Behind Enemy Lines 3Messrs Hackman and Wilson have, of course, long since fled the franchise that wasn’t very good in the first place.

Bring It On Yet AgainThat’s not the official title, clearly, but more cheerleaders will be strutting their stuff in exchange for a tenner at your local Blockbuster.

Center Stage 2The original was a fairly low profile movie about 12 teenagers learning ballet. The sequel, we’d guess, will be about a smaller group, also learning ballet.

Deep Blue Sea 2We said what we had to say about this one earlier this week.

The Goonies 2Call this one an ugly rumour that won’t go away. That said, after The Lost Boys got a sequel, all bets are off, although Corey Feldman has recently said that a new Goonies flick is a no-no. We suspect it’s not him that makes the decision, though.

Grease 3A third Grease movie has long been mooted, and after Hairspray hit big for John Travolta, that seemed to make things more likely. However, it now seems that Paramount has added it to its direct-to-DVD line. Oh dear.

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Hostel IIIThe Hostel franchise has seen the inside of a cinema for the last time. The third instalment, that Eli Roth won’t be directing, is heading to disc instead.

Joy Ride 2: Dead AheadJoy Ride is a hugely underrated film (it was known as Road Kill over here) from the equally not-appreciated-enough John Dahl. The sequel, however, just looks like some teenagers running away from a truck. Oh dear.

Legally Blonde 3If this ends up starring Reese Witherspoon, then we’ll change the name of this website to Den Of Custard.

Little Mermaid 3This is the last direct-to-DVD sequel that Disney will be making, presumably partly because there’s not much left of the back catalogue to bastardise?

Lost Boys 3Lost Boys 2 is selling lots of copies. Lost Boys 3 is, thus, happening. Expect it next year.

Mean Girls 2Staggering. The wit and brilliance of Mark Waters’ original will surely not survive the direct-to-DVD sequel sledgehammer. It ain’t going to stop them trying, though…

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Naked Gun 4Staggering again. It’s unclear whether Leslie Nielsen will have anything to do with the return of Frank Drebin, but Paramount has greenlit a straight-to-DVD sequel anyway. It just hurts.

New Jack City 2No Snipes, Van Peebles, Chris Rock or Ice-T. Not much to the film then, surely?

Road Trip 2Because Tom Green needs the work. Even if we don’t know whether he’ll be in it.

Scooby Doo 3A prequel that will recast the entire movie. Freddie Prinze Jr is apparently inconsolable.

Without A Paddle 2: Nature’s CallingThe film that the entire planet had been calling out for. Blatant lie, actually, but it stands less of a chance of being sullied by a follow-up.

Wrong Turn 3Now filming. To be fair, the horror genre has survived direct-to-DVD a little better than most. Yet while some of us quite like Wrong Turn, there’s surely not enough there for two follow-ups?

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X-Files 3There’s a reasonably potent rumour circulating that the poor box office returns of X-Files: I Want To Believe haven’t killed the franchise, and that a third movie will still happen, and head straight to disc. No confirmation yet, though….

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