10 Star Wars Characters We Need To See Again

A list of characters we would be amused to see again in Star Wars: Episode VII...

Star Wars Episode 7 Cast

With the announcement of JJ Abrams as director of the new Star Wars sequel, fan boy dreams have been reignited. Obviously, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca and the Droids will be back, but the Star Wars universe has always been rich with peripheral characters fans love. Plus, the prequels gave fans many characters that are ripe for further exploration because, how should I put this nicely; at times the prequels were not filled with deft character development. So here is a list of characters that NEED to be in the Star Wars sequels.

10. Jar Jar Binks

First Appearance: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Ooo, mesa startin’ out controversial.  Perhaps George Lucas’ greatest failure, the Gungan whipping boy is perhaps the most reviled character in science fiction history. Fans waited decades to see Anakin meet the future mother of Luke and Leia and yet when the poignant scene finally arrived, there is this buffoon chewing up the scenery. But Jar Jar had a part to play in the saga’s overall narrative and Lucas abandoned him because of, much warranted, negative fan response. Maybe by putting Jar Jar back in Abrams will make things right. A heroic sacrifice? A Wampa dismemberment? Or maybe just a meaningful scene of Jar Jar telling Luke about his father as a boy. It could work. Ahmed Best needs to eat! Maybe? No? Ok, moving on.

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9. The Bounty Hunters

First Appearance: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Anyone who did not line up their Kenner Bounty Hunter figures in the same order as seen in Empire Strikes Back should just stop reading this article now; you’re not nerd enough for this dojo. Was there anything cooler than this motley collection of criminals tasked with finding Han Solo? This group of scum is ripe for cinematic exploitation and of the crew two are aliens and two are droids, so they are justified to be alive and kicking in the future sequelverse. Alas, poor Dengar is probably long buried, but what true Star Wars fan would not want to see future Bossk bust some heads?

8. Admiral Ackbar

First appearance: Return of the Jedi (1984)

The sequels are sure to be filled with traps, how will we recognize the good Admiral to warn us? Ol’ fish puss has become a meme, a running joke on Robot Chicken and is one of the most recognizable tertiary aliens from the original trilogy. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Ackbar leading the fleet of the New Republic? He would be a great connector to the original trilogy and could always be utilized in the, no doubt, awesome space sequences Abrams will have planned. “IT’S A LENSE FLARE!”

7. Stormtroopers

First Appearance: Star Wars (1977)

The rank and file of the Empire couldn’t have just disappeared when the second Death Star blew. There are many questions to be answered regarding the worst marksmen in the galaxy. No doubt, there will be a new generation of Jedi in the sequels; is Order 66 still in place? Are the Stormtroopers still Clones or are they conscripts? If they are clones, what is their purpose beyond the Empire? The big mystery of the sequel is who can possibly be the villain? Here is a ready-made army for that villain or perhaps, a staunch group of allies for the heroes as the Stormtroopers could want to make up for their past sins now that Palpatine is gone. Lots of story possibilities here and many more opportunities for these guys to actually shoot someone other than Princess Leia.

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6. Wedge Antilles

First Appearance: Star Wars (1977)

The staunch backbone of the rebel fleet, we need to know what happened to Wedge post Endor. Is he an admiral? Will he be a politician under Leia or perhaps still a space jockey? Wedge was the glue that held the original trilogy together, showing fans that this is a cohesive narrative and there was lots going on beyond the point-of-view characters. There are going to be many new types of ships and fighters in the new films, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Wedge back in the cockpit?

5. Lando Calrissian

First Appearance: The Empre Strikes Back (1980)

Hello, what have we here? The smoothest scoundrel in the galaxy needs to return to action. He can be a foil for Han, a connection to the past, a reconnection to the underworld or just an excuse to get that bitchin’ ‘stache back on screen. Come to think of it, the rift between Han and Lando after Lando’s betrayal on Bespin was never sufficiently explained away. Perhaps, some engrained bitterness as a driving force in the new film plot? Maybe a return to Bespin, beause you know, Ugnauts.

4. Darth Maul

First Appearance: The Phantom Menace (1999)

Oh, fan service. If Abrams is going to bring back the Sith, there needs to be a connector to past Sith characters. Vader and Palpatine are gone, but ever since Maul was bissected by Obi-Wan Kenobi, fans have been clamoring for Maul to return. The Clone Wars established that Maul is, in fact, alive and all cyborgy, so there is room for a future return. Who wouldn’t want to see Master Luke throw down with Maul? For the prequel generation, there is no more iconic character than Maul and let’s face it the little appetizer we were served in Phantom Menace was not satisfying enough. If the Sith are to return, it should be Maul leading the charge.

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3. Ghost of Anakin Skywalker

First Appearance: (Living Adult)Attack of the Clones (2002)

Despite his wooden acting, there would be something kind of cool to see Hayden Christiansen share a scene with Mark Hammil. Luke sees the ghost of his father at the end of Return of the Jedi, but the new film will bring great challenges to the aged Jedi Master. Who better to get advice from than a man who was immersed in the dark side for centuries? It would be awesome to hear Anakin’ perspective post-Vader and see his true feelings regarding Luke and Leia. Plus, he can share with Luke the story of his mother Padme. Not a dry eye in the house, I tells ya. And maybe, with a true actor’s director, fans will get to see some range out of Anakin. Just no more anti-sand monologues, please.

2. Boba Fett

First Appearance: The Empire Strikes Back (1984) no, the Christmas Special does not count

Speaking of fan service. Let’s hope the Sarlaac Pit goes bulimic in 2015, and spits up the coolest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Like Maul, fans were left with an unsatisfying death for Fett and would welcome him back with open arms. Fans never got to see Fett in action knowing he was an enhanced Clone and he still has to have a mad on for the Jedi, after he watched Nick Fury cut his dad’s head off. Really, if you stop and think about it, the marketing of Fett would almost pay for the movie. Fett’s return would be an instant dramatic conflict with Han and Chewie and set up scenes that fans have been drooling over for decades.

1. Ahsoka Tano

First Appearance: Clone Wars: The Animated Series (2008)

Imagine it: the last episode of the awesome animated Clone Wars. Ahsoka is frozen in carbonite, only to be awakened decades later by her master’s son. How would Ahsoka react to Anakin’s turn? Would she serve the New Republic, or begin a descent into the dark side herself? There is so much narrative tension to this character’s emergence in the future; one would think Ashoka’s inclusion is a no-brainer. To a new generation of Star Wars fan, Ashoka is the face of the franchise. She is the point-of-view relatable character the prequels were sorely lacking and we can only hope she is on Abram’s radar.

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