Xbox Rumor Hints at All-Digital Next-Gen Console

Microsoft is reportedly still working on a disc-less next-gen Xbox.

Xbox Next Gen All Digital

A new report by Kotaku suggests that Microsoft is still working on a disc-less version of Xbox Scarlett

As the report notes, there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding this development. The earliest rumors regarding Microsoft’s next-gen plans suggested that Microsoft was working on a flagship premium next-gen console as well as a disc-less version of that same device that would serve as an all-digital (possibly “budget”) alternative to Scarlett. However, Microsoft’s wording of the Scarlett reveal seemed to suggest that it was the one and only next-gen console they were developing. 

Now, though, sources reportedly close to the development of Microsoft’s next-gen plans are reporting that the company is indeed working on a disc-less next-gen Xbox that is currently codenamed “Lockhart.” 

Details regarding Lockhart seem to still be up in the air, but it currently sounds like the plan is for it to be slightly more powerful than the PS4 Pro (with the biggest upgrade being the addition of a reported SSD). It will also seemingly feature a faster CPU than any video game console currently on the market. Naturally, though, it will be less powerful than the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5

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The biggest question at the moment seems to be how Lockhart will be priced and how it will be pitched to developers. Lockhart will almost certainly be cheaper than Scarlett and the PS5, but considering that it’s going to essentially be an elaborate vehicle for Game Pass and xCloud, there seems to be some debate regarding how cheap it should be. It’s also not clear at this time whether developers will be “forced” to develop a Lockhart version of their games and how that will affect the technological progress of the next gaming generation. 

Microsoft has not confirmed any of this information at this time, so don’t take any of these details as the gospel truth. Still, this all adheres to the basic content strategy that Microsoft has been following over the last few years

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