Xbox May Soon Support Mods For Almost Every Game

New documents suggest the Xbox team are working to help more console games support mods.

Microsoft may be looking to expand the Xbox One’s mod abilities. 

That information comes from Windows Central who claim that they have received internal documents from a recent presentation that reveal Microsoft’s desire and intentions to implement platform-wide mod support for the Xbox One. 

While games like Halo 5, Skyrim, and Fallout 4 support mods to a degree, those mods are based on systems created by the developers of those titles. What Microsoft is reportedly considering is a system-wide mod platform that would allow developers to more easily utilize Xbox One mods without having to create a mod system of their own. It would also theoretically allow for users to more easily find mods once developers have implemented support for them using this new system. 

To make a long story short, it really does sound like Microsoft is planning on adding a Steam Workshop-like platform to the Xbox One that will open up many more games to mods. Much like Workshop, the idea seems to be that mods will be viewable via a game’s store page and that there will be some kind of “commerce support” for mod creators. 

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The idea is brilliant and pretty bold when you consider that the closed nature of console designs has historically meant that mod support for console games has been limited to a select few games made by studios willing to put in the extra effort to allow users to create additional content for a game after its release. Given that mods have been proven to expand the lifespan of a game and help even single-player titles achieve consistent sales figures after their release, this could be a bit step forward for Microsoft’s Xbox platform if they are able to pull this off. 

It looks like the plan is for Microsoft to release some version of this mod system sometime later this summer, but Microsoft has not confirmed their intentions at this time.