WWE 2K20 May Be 2019’s Most Broken Game

WWE 2K20 is broken beyond belief, and not all of its glitches are just YouTube video fodder.

WWE 2K20 glitches

There’s no nice way to put this: WWE 2K20 is broken.

Fans are finally getting their hands on the latest WWE 2K game, and early reports are honestly kind of horrifying. As some of you may know, WWE games are traditionally infamous for their amusing visual bugs. This year is no exception, but WWE 2K20 is especially…notable when it comes to “WTF is happening” bugs. 

For instance, players have already discovered everything from characters disappearing entirely in cutscenes to wrestlers suddenly generating clones of themselves for no apparent reason. Occasionally, wrestlers will just start shaking wildly and “teleport” from place to place around the ring. More substantial problems, such as referees seemingly abandoning all of their programming commands in order to enjoy a life of leisure, have forced players to restart their matches and have seemingly made online play nearly impossible for most. Mind you, these glitches aren’t random occurrences. Some players have managed to escape the worst of them, but more are reporting that some of them pop up if you play the game for a reasonable amount of time. 

That’s not the real issue with 2K20, though. The bigger problem is that something seems to have gone horribly wrong with the game’s graphical engine. Fans have pointed out that parts of 2K20 not only look objectively worse than they did in 2K19, but some screenshots suggest that the game looks worse than WWE games that came bout five or more years ago. On top of that, the game runs poorly on nearly every platform despite the downgrade in visuals. Some PC gamers are even suggesting that the 2K20 is borderline unplayable even on high-end machines. 

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Again, you hear about WWE 2K glitches every year around this time, but this is a little different. The sheer number of glitches that plague the game combined with the apparent visual downgrade have inspired many fans to go on a particularly aggressive campaign on various social media outlets which involves begging for the game to be fixed as well as urging others to not purchase this installment in the franchise until it’s fixed. It’s the type of revolt typically reserved for the aftermath of WWE PPVs

It should also be noted that the WWE 2K franchise is in a bit of a transition phase at the moment. Developer Yuke’s has pretty much been in charge of the franchise for quite a few years now, but Visual Concepts seems to have done most of the leg work on this particular installment. It’s possible that some of this game’s problems can be traced back to the troubles of that transition process. 

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