World War Z Developers Asked to Remake Half-Life 2

World War Z studio Saber Interactive once pitched a Half-Life 2 remake to Valve.

Half-Life 2 Remake World War Z

In a surprising revelation, Saber Interactive, developers of World War Z, revealed that they asked Valve for permission to develop a Half-Life 2 remake. 

“After we did Halo Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary, as part of the Master Chief Collection, I reached out to Gabe Newell personally, because I knew him from a past life, and I said I want to remake Half-Life 2,” said Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch in an interview with Game Watcher. “That’s all I want to do. I won’t charge you anything for it. I’ll do it for rev-share and doesn’t even need to be a big rev-share. I just really want to do because I love that game so much.”

As you’ve probably guessed, Newell declined that proposal. According to Karh, Newell said that Valve will lead the development of a Half-Life 2 remake should the studio ever decide to greenlight such a project. That’s not a confirmation that Valve is working on a Half-Life 2 remake (we highly doubt they are), but what’s interesting about that statement is that Valve essentially let someone else remake Half-Life when they formally adopted the Black Mesa project. It’s possible they are somehow displeased with how that process turned out, but it seems much more likely that they simply don’t have any interest in anyone pursuing that project at this time. 

So far as that goes, Karch laments the fact that Valve has kept the Half-Life franchise on the sidelines for so long. 

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“Where’s Half-Life?” asks Karch. “Half-Life was the game that made Valve. Before Left 4 Dead, there was Half-Life, which needs to be remade in my opinion, because I think we’re scratching that itch with World War Z on the Left 4 Dead side. I think other developers are going to come and do similar types of things. But Gordon Freeman, man, he’s as iconic as Master Chief. Where is it?”

The sad truth is that we probably already know the answer to that question. Most of the reports regarding Half-Life 3 suggest that Valve isn’t working on it simply because they have little to gain from it succeeding and quite a bit to lose from it failing. There have been rumors of a Half-Life VR project that will be exclusive to Valve’s new headset, but we even have doubts they will develop that despite the fact that they could use a software win following the failures of Artifact

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