World War 3: New Gameplay Trailer

Farm 51 has offered fans a new look at its military online shooter, World War 3. Check out the trailer here...

A new trailer has arrived for Developer Farm 51’s military online shooter, World War 3, which gives us a taste of the battles that will take place in the game. The following is all alpha footage so it might not reflect the final product. That said, the game looks like it’s coming along nicely. Check out the trailer:

And here’s the earlier reveal trailer:

Early information about World War 3 suggests that it will emphasize realistic military action across two major modes. The first mode, referred to as Warzone, seems comparable to the Battlefield series. That is to say that it allows players to participate in “large-scale combined arms battles with infantry, armored vehicles, and drones.” There are rumblings of the mode featuring some kind of attack and defend objectives, but it’s not clear if that is the extent of Warzone’s objectives

It also seems that there will be some kind of overarching progression system in Warzone that will account for which countries are currently in control. Yes, there is some kind of on-going conflict system in the game that is based on team – and player – performance. The extent of this feature isn’t clear at this time, but it seems that major changes in the war will be determined by the completion of certain in-game achievements as well as the final stats in a Warzone match (vehicle damage, for instance). 

Farm 51 is also touting the game’s advanced damage mechanics which they describe as the “most authentic bullet vs. armor system in the FPS genre to date.” From what we can gather, the game will account for basic pieces of information such as what armor you’re wearing and what gun your opponent is using as well as movement physics in order to accurately relay what kind of damage your character would take in that instance. 

World War 3‘s other major mode, called Recon, seems to be the game’s battle royale offering. However, it does differ slightly from other battle royale games via its emphasis on squad play and objectives. Recon asks multiple squads of players to capture high-value targets while eliminating the competition. While character customization will seemingly play a big role in both Recon and Warzone, Farm 51 has stated that the game will not feature loot boxes or pay-to-win options.

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We’ll find out whether World War 3 will find its role in the highly-competitive online shooter market when the game debuts on Steam Early Access sometime later this year. 

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