World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Player Hits New Level Cap in Four Hours

The race to hit World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth's new level cap is over.

World of Warcraft‘s new level cap has been reached just four hours after the launch of the Battle for Azeroth expansion. 

WoW player and Twitch streamer Gingi became the first person to hit WoW‘s new level cap (120). He managed to achieve that daunting new cap in just four hours and 17 minutes. In case you’re wondering how that compares to how long it takes other players to reach the new cap, let’s just say that Gingi’s figure is in no way represents the average time it takes to hit that mark. While we won’t know the average figure until more people have played the expansion, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that “casual” WoW players could spend weeks chasing that goal. Even other level cap “speedrunners” took a couple more hours to reach 120. 

So how did Gingi reach the new cap so quickly? Well, he had help from fellow Method guild members Meeres and Deepshades, but his achievement goes far beyond simply rolling with the gang. Reports indicate that Gingi used the Battle for Azeroth beta as an indication of what the most lucrative quests were and how quickly they could be completed. With that information in hand, they set out to complete those quests in record time. 

For some additional perspective, the original level cap in WoW was set at 60. That means that a level 120 player has access to abilities and stats that vanilla WoW players could only dream of. 

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So far, it seems that Battle For Azeroth is fairing fairly well among the game’s rabid fanbase. Initial reports indicate that the expansion offers quite a bit of compelling content and seems to do a mostly admirable job of reviving the Horde vs. Alliance conflict. Of course, some players do still have concerns regarding how those sides are presented in the new expansion. 

We got to spend a little time with Battle for Azeroth earlier this year and found it to be an exciting look into how Blizzard can expand the game’s appeal some 14 years after its release. 

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