Witchfire: Release Date, Trailer, News, and Everything We Know

What you need to know about Witchfire, including latest news, release date, trailers, and much more!

Witchfire Release Date Trailer News

The Astronauts, the team behind the exceptional The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, have revealed that their next project is a dark fantasy shooter called Witchfire

In Witchfire, players will be able to combat the numerous evils that plague these digital lands with a combination of firearms and magic. As a deadly instrument of the church, you are tasked with eradicating witches from the land while discovering what is really happening in this world. Doing so will not be nearly as easy as it sounds as Witchfire is not actually a narrative-driven game. Instead, you must often discover your own answers in this open-ended title that’s true nature hasn’t yet been revealed by the development team. Fortunately, you will be able to enjoy many stunning vistas and jaw-dropping enemies as you make your way through this strange world. 

What really makes us excited about this game, though, is the fact that Vanishing of Ethan Carter so happened to be one of the most impressive atmospheric games in recent memory. It was criticized for being a walking simulator, but the reveal of Witchfire made it clear that the team behind that gem have taken what they’ve learned from their work on that game and converted it to a full-on action experience. 

Here’s everything that we know about Witchfire

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Witchfire Trailer

It’s not much, but this brief preview of Witchfire‘s action is the most we’ve seen from the game in quite some time. It will have to do until the game is eventually (hopefully?) released. 

The debut trailer for Witchfire showcases the game’s dark atmosphere and enticing action. Will this game live up to the promise of is atmosphere, pedigree, and visuals? Take a look:

Witchfire Release Date

The Witchfire developers have stated that a 2019 release date for the game seems unlikely, but they believe the game may be available sometime in 2020. Until then, the team intends to release a regular series of updates.