WildStar Fighting Championship: 1v1 League With Brackets, Purses, and Crowned Champions

2v2, 3v3, 10v10--those are all nice. But what WildStar is really missing is a 1v1 fight club, with rewards...

WildStar Fighting Championship

WildStar’sPvP is pretty hefty already–there are 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 arena matches, and 10v10 battlegrounds, as well as 40v40 warplot battles. But, what about those that love the art of dueling? WildStardueling, in itself, is fun–but let’s beef that sumbitch up, shall we?

Introducing WildStar Fighting Championship (Presented by Den of Geek),the ultimate in geek battles and the premiere 1v1 dueling PvP league for those that want more from their duels. The WFC–that’s right, like the UFC but for us Nexus inhabitants–is a fighting organization looking to crown the first WFC Champion following their inaugural event on Saturday, July 12 at 8PM Eastern on the Bloodsworn PvP server.


One of Bloodsworn’s very own Draken Warriors, Founders, created a pretty bad-ass arena using WildStar’shousing system, which you can see in the video above. Players will compete in the virtual octagon in a best of 3 rounds (duels). To be crowned winner of the match, a player must come out victorious in two of the three rounds. If a player wins the first two rounds, there will not be a third round.

DPS only. We’re being told that heals vs heals and tanks vs tanks doesn’t really ever end. So as long as you are a DPSer, you’re welcome to enter. Players will be matched up as appropriately as possible to give them the fairest chance of victory. The first event will have a bracket-style tournament between 8 different characters. Our first tournament will result in a crowned DPS Champion.

At this time, we are gauging interest in the WFC league. Our goal is to give players a reason to want to be champion and defend their title with honor. Not only will we keep official tabs on your win/loss record, but we will also reward victories with 1 platinum per victory. This will increase with more popularity and/or in-game investors. Champions will only be required to fight once per month, but can choose to defend their title twice per month if they request.

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I will be hosting the event on my housing plot this upcoming Saturday. So, if you’re on the Bloodsworn PvP server, on the DOMINION side, and are interested in becoming our first champion, email us at Wildstarfightingchampionship@gmail.com to request a signup. All maxed level 50 players are welcome and encouraged to apply. We’re limiting this league to JUST level 50 players as to avoid unfair advantages as much as possible.

All fights will be broadcast on Den of Geek’s official Twitch.

We are also looking for an affiliate on Bloodborn’s Exile side, as well as on other servers. We’re also looking for another arena or two to be built for the dominion Bloodborn server. If anyone is ambitious enough, and interested, please email us. At this time, we’re still obviously in our infancy stage of things–we’re going to be working out the kinks. If anyone has any suggestions, please email them as well.

Official Rules

1. Entry per match will be 20 gold for each contestant, with the winner of the tournament receiving a 1 platinum purse. The fighter with the quickest victory of the night (according to our timer) will receive a bonus of 20g. Eventually, the entry price will be eliminated and the reward purse will be much higher (at least 5p). But being that we spent 3 platinum on building the arena alone, we’re a little short on in-game cash at the moment.

2. All players will be required to dye any costume a solid color to easily distinguish themselves in the broadcast. Any color is allowed, and is to be determined by the player. Players in a single match cannot have the same colors. If this occurs, The WFC will determine which player must change their dye.

3. Players can wear ANY GEAR for their match–purples, blues, greens–it doesn’t matter. If you have the determination to get the best gear, you should be rewarded for it with a victory. Just remember–gear isn’t everything! Gear must be approved prior to the start of each match, and will be inspected by Founders.

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4. Champions will only be required to fight once per month, but can choose to defend their title twice per month if they request.

5. All events will take place on Saturdays at 8PM Eastern on dates to be determined by the WFC. Any fights not officially sanctioned by the WFC will not be counted on a fighter’s official record.

6. Players cannot leave the octagon during a fight. Any player that leaves the octagon during a match–whether it be by accident or purposely–will lose the round.

7. No potions or medkits are allowed. Food buffs are allowed.

8. A player will earn a “submission victory” if each of their winning rounds are won in less than 20 seconds. A player will earn a “knockout victory” if he/she wins the first two rounds. If a player wins 1st and 3rd rounds, or 2nd and 3rd rounds, and it isn’t a submission win, the victory will be a “decision victory.”

9. All participating fighters per event must be present at the start of the event. Anyone that shows up later than 10 minutes after the scheduled event start time will be disqualified, and their opponent will be rewarded a “default victory.”

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10. Have fun!

More info to come.

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