WildStar By The Numbers: Most Popular Race, Path & More

Carbine Studios has detailed some of their numbers from the closed beta period, with an interesting statistic breakdown...

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**Updated With Class Numbers As Well**

Are you wondering which race was played the most in the WildStar’sclosed beta period? What about path–what was the most played class? Well, Carbine Studios have detailed some interesting statistics that were gathered from the closed beta period to shed some light on what players are doing, how they’re leveling, and what races and paths they’re choosing to play the most–some fun facts, if you will.

Over 5,758,776 hours of WildStarwas played during the closed beta, which is the equivalent of 239,949 days of gaming. 1,651,865 players were created, which is more than the population of Estonia. Players also created 129,656 houses.

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The most popular race in WildStarappears to be the Aurin.  18% of players chose to create an Aurin character.  You would think that the Chua would actually have been the most popular race, but only 11% of players created a Chua.  Here is the full ranking:

Most Popular Race

1. Aurin  18%2. Exile Human 17%3. Cassian 14%4. Mordesh 13%5. Chua 11%6. Mechari 10%7. Draken 9%8. Granok 8%

Most Popular Class

1. Spellslinger 19.92%2. Warrior 18.14%3. Stalker 17.22%4. Engineer 16.70%5. ESPer 16.14%6. Medic 11.87%

As far as paths are concerned, 31% of players chose the Soldier path, followed by 26% choosing Explorer. The full ranking:

Wildstar Explorer

Most Popular Paths

1. Soldier 31%2. Explorer 26%3. Scientist 22%4. Settler 21%

Another set of interesting statistics about the WildStarbeta is how players were leveling. Carbine says 72 million quests were completed during the beta period, and 12.8 billion experience points were earned. Players earned the most experience through killing mobs, accounting for 50.1% of all XP earned. Here is a breakdown of how all the XP was earned:

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WildStar Quest

How Experienced Was Earned

1. Kills 50.1%2. Questing 41.1%3. Miscellaneous 5.5% (whatever the hell that means)4. Player Kills 1.6%5. Daily Quests 0.9%6. Challenges 0.7%7. Public Events 0.2%

WildStarkicks off May 31 for the head start for those that pre-ordered, with the game officially releasing June 3. Check out more on WildStarfrom us here at Den of Geek.

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