Why The Suffering Is An Unforgettable Gorefest

The Suffering might be a forgotten survival horror gorefest, but once you play it, you'll never forget it.

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Old School Cool: The Suffering

While 2004’s The Suffering is certainly of the same ilk as other survival horror classics, such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame, it has less in common with those games than Rockstar’s Manhunt. In this action-packed gorefest, you might be more dangerous than the monsters that stalk the hallways of Abbot State Penitentiary.

You play as a convict named Torque – because of course his name is Torque – who must survive an onslaught of monsters after a mysterious earthquake hits the prison and turns it into a hellscape. Add to the mix Torque’s fragmented psyche – one part of his mind tells him to be more forgiving and the other to slaughter all those to stand in the way of his escape from prison – and you’ve got a gorefest with a pretty unsettling morality system. Ultimately, the decisions you make throughout the game will trigger one of Torque’s three endings. 

Besides the fact that Torque has pretty much every weapon known to man at his disposal, including an axe, a tommy gun, a shiv, a flamethrower, and a molotov cocktail, the most disturbing thing about The Suffering is that most of the monsters represent different methods of execution, such as hanging, decapitation, lethal injection, and firing squad. There’s one enemy, the Fester, which is a reincarnation of slave trader, that’s especially stomach-churning.

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The result is nothing short of horrific, and The Suffering stands as one of the most violent horror games in history. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

Learn more about The Suffering in the video below: