Watch Dogs 3 Rumor Hints at London Setting and 2019 Release Date

Reports suggest that Watch Dogs could be moving to the UK with its third installment, which could be arriving in 2019

Watch Dogs 3 London 2019 Rumor

A new report suggests that Watch Dogs 3 could be moving the franchise to London, leaving us hoping for some UK-centric tech missions and some fun lines of dialogue along these sorts of lines: “Cor blimey, guv’nor, that bloke’s hacking Big Ben!” Ahem.

We’ve been waiting for a while to hear what Ubisoft is planning to do with this franchise. The first Watch Dogs, which was set in Chicago, launched in 2014, and its sequel, which relocated to San Francisco, followed fairly promptly in 2016. Early last year, it looked like Ubisoft might reveal the third game in the series at E3 2018, but those rumors ended up being just that.

However, new rumors have been spotted online which suggest that Watch Dogs 3 “will be set in London” and it will focus “more on smaller firearms and knives for combat with a larger emphasis on hacking.” These rumors also claim that Ubisoft will not release a new Assassin’s Creed game this year and instead intend for Watch Dogs 3 to take its place on the annual release calendar. 

Normally, we’d take online speculation with a sizeable pinch of salt, but in this case, there has been some decent corroboration. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who is renowned in the industry for his impressive Rolodex of contacts, took to Twitter to seemingly back up the claims that Watch Dogs 3 is heading to the UK. However, Schrier seemed skeptical about the claims regarding Assassin’s Creed not releasing this year. 

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“Ubisoft hasn’t exactly been subtle about this btw”, Schrier added, before linking off to a Kotaku article. In this article, Kotaku draws attention to some coordinates that Ubisoft added into Watch Dogs 2When you punch these coordinates into Google Maps in real life, they point you to the Brixton area of London. This wouldn’t be the first time that Ubisoft used Watch Dogs 2 to hint at their future. An Easter egg in the game revealed early footage of Pioneer: a game that may or may not still be in development at Ubisoft. 

It seems to be looking pretty likely that this hacking franchise will be moving to London, then, but we’ll wait for an official announcement from Ubisoft before we fully believe it or buy into the 2019 release date.

As we hear more, we’ll be sure to let you know.