Wait, I Thought Xbox One Wasn’t Going to Sell at $499?

Post E3, everyone said Xbox One wasn't going to sell well and everyone would, hands down, choose PS4. But pre-orders are selling out fast...

You’ve probably seen the news stories all over the web this week about the first round of next-gen consoles selling out at your favorite retailers.  Gamestop has sold out, Best Buy has sold out, and the latest retailer to sell out of Xbox One pre-orders is Amazon. But the key point I’d like to talk about is the fact that it’s consoleS (with an S) and not just the PlayStation 4 that is selling out.

I thought that gamers, in general, were dead set against the Xbox One after the backlash Microsoft received from its original announcement and its very middling E3?

Aside from the joy that the console was no longer called Durango, I’ve heard nothing but varying amounts of disdain about the Xbox One since its pre-E3 reveal.  The guys over at Gametrailers’ Invisible Walls all joked that they were pre-ordering the Xbox One, with their fellow GT staffmember Annoyed Gamer Marcus Beer leading the pack (it was sarcasm).  Angry Joe, was, well, angry at Microsoft for the Xbox One reveal.  IGN’s staff has also expressed their doubts numerous times.  Our very own staff also weighed in about the Xbox One, stating that they’d be buying the PS4 only (except me).

But, it isn’t just the PS4 selling out, as the Xbox One is selling out also. Even though the Xbox One is $100 more, and has many other issues, gamers have still caused the day one Xbox One to sell-out.  I mean, it was no coincidence that Sony’s stock went up 9% the day after the Xbox One reveal, although it is said that the jump was attributed to Sony vamping up its entertainment division (I don’t believe it, though).  But, apparently, none of the backlash mattered; somebody, somewhere, is pre-ordering the Xbox One over the PS4! Who are YOU?

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Was it Microsoft’s reversal on Xbox One’s DRM policies that has swayed the minds of gamers back to Microsoft? Possible, but unlikely the only factor. Was it the removal of the highly hated Don Mattrick? Probably not. Is it just a marketing ploy to say their sold out of Xbox Ones to drive more sales? Also unlikely, as the PS4 is selling out as well, and retailers would have no reason to focus on marketing the consoles as it is still only July. Could it be that the internet is just a great platform for angry gamers to get their frustrations out, so the hate for the Xbox One only SEEMED like it was everywhere? Highly likely.  The internet is a very large sampling, so you get gamers of all types weighing in, including the grumpy ones.

And, does selling out mean anything?  Granted, we don’t know how many units Microsoft put up for pre-order, but the fact that it is selling at all is contrary to the belief that it wouldn’t sell at all.

Did you pre-order the Xbox One? Comment below to tell everyone why!!