Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Games

Check out the best Valentine's Day gifts for Gaming fans from our friends at Spencer's!

Editor’s note: This article comes from the Den of Geek commerce team and is part of our affiliate program with Spencer’s Gifts. A small portion of proceeds from sales go to Den of Geek.

Do you have a gamer in your life? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so with the help of our friends over at Spencer’s Online, we rummaged through their online inventories for appropriately romantic and geeky gamer gifts for the occasion.

While not all of our selections are of the hardcore romantic variety, they all make great gifts for your significant others and anyone else in your life you want to use February 14th to platonically appreciate. These are better than real flowers (which will wither and die), fake flowers (which are tacky), and a box of chocolate (which you’ll probably eat halfway through yourself because chocolate is the best and we’re all subjects of sins and temptations).

Or, if you don’t have someone to give anything to, look through our lists anyway and treat yourself. You’re loved and you deserve it.

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Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

Face It Mario Nintendo Raglan Shirt

This is a perfectly respectable Mario long-sleeve shirt. It’s largely gray with two red sleeves, and has Mario’s giant face printed right in the center on the front. What more can you ask for?

Buy the Face It Mario Nintendo Raglan Shirt at Spencer’s

Pokémon Kanto Grid Poster

Throw back to Gen 1 on Valentine’s Day with this poster featuring all 151 of the original Pokémon that you and everybody in your extended family love.

Buy the Pokémon Kanto Grid Poster at Spencer’s 

Character Pokémon Dress

Like the poster? The non-pant-wearers of your life would love this casual, Pokémon-covered dress. Perfect for walking around your local park to catch those ten Pidgeys on Pokémon Go! on a sunny day, this skate-styled dress is the investment to make and the gift to give.

Buy the Character Pokémon Dress at Spencer’s

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Batman Arkham Knight City Long Sleeve Shirt

Warm, dark, gritty, this Batman shirt is perfect for a chilly day in Gotham’s Arkham Aslyum. Or a chilly day in a normal home in a normal city.

Buy the Arkham Knight Long Sleeve Shirt at Spencer’s 

Shadow Link The Legend of Zelda Dog Tag Necklace

What a spot on Valentine’s Day gift for either that loyal canine friend in your life or the biggest Legend of Zelda nerd you know.

Buy the Shadow Link Dog Tag Necklace at Spencer’s

Byte Me Pacman T-Shirt

One of the best, most concise puns to ever be put on a shirt. A must have.

Buy the Byte Me Pacman T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Key Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt

Regardless of what you think about Kingdom Hearts, the yellow on this shirt is a really nice contrast against the light blue design and the darker blue base. Normally, blue and yellow don’t go together, but they made it pretty aesthetically pleasing this time. 

Buy the Key Kingdom Hearts T-Shirt at Spencer’s

Pokémon Trainer T-Shirt

Get this shirt for the elite Pokémon trainer in your life to show your love and support for their near unattainable goal to catch them all.

Buy the Pokémon Trainer T-Shirt at Spencer’s

World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game

Remember the brutality of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre this February 14 with the World of Warcraft Monopoly board game. Only play if you’re prepared to end at least half of your friendships though.

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Buy the World of Warcraft Monopoly Board Game at Spencer’s

Live By The Creed T-Shirt

Pledge your pan-generational love and loyalty to the Assassins with this simple, yet to the point, Live By the Creed T-shirt.