Undertale Creator Releases Mysterious Game Called Deltarune

Some fans believe Delatrune is a teaser for a new Undertale game.

Deltarune Undertale Creator

Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, has released a new RPG called Deltarune that is kind of, sorta, maybe related to Undertale

Deltarune (which you probably noticed is an anagram for Undertale), is a strange little project. It’s a free game that you can download right now via this website. Just be warned that some users are reporting the game’s uninstall feature can delete other content in the same folder it’s in. For safety’s sake, just be sure to install Deltarune in its own, separate location. 

Once you start playing Deltarune, you’ll quickly find that it bears more than a passing resemblance to Undertale. In fact, there are times when it looks like a sequel, prequel, or spin-off to Undertale. The visuals are the same, the writing is very familiar, and the game utilizes mechanics and puzzles taken straight from Fox’s hit game. The simple “review” of this game is that anyone who loves Undertale will enjoy playing Deltarune

However, the game itself isn’t the most interesting thing about this project. For quite some time, Fox has been teasing the reveal of something seemingly related to Undertale. While Detlarune is certainly part of that something, fans think that this project is basically the P.T. of the Undertale universe. That is to say that they think the game is just an elaborate teaser for a bigger project yet to be announced. 

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It’s not entirely clear whether or not there is a higher purpose to Deltarune beyond the amusements this short game offers, but fans are eagerly digging for clues. For what it’s worth, the game comes attached to a disclaimer that asks fans “TO REFRAIN FROM DISCUSSION OF THE PROGRAM FOR 24 HOURS.” As you’ve probably already figured out, most fans are not honoring that request. 

Of course, it’s hard to blame fans for being so excited to share the possibility of another Undertale adventure. The original game is one of the most universally beloved indie titles of the last five years. Undertale‘s Earthbound-like blend of irreverent humor, memorable characters, strange music, and an active combat system makes it a true must-play experience. 

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