Town: Trailer For New Switch RPG From Developers of Pokemon

The Pokemon team are working on a mysterious new RPG known as Town.

Pokemon developer Game Freak is working on a new RPG for the Nintendo Switch

The game is currently titled Town, but that seems to be a working title that will likely change during the course of the game’s development. Such as it stands, though, Town tells the story of a village that is under siege by various monsters. It seems that you are the – or one of the – town protectors who is tasked with defending the village against whatever may come. 

The fact that every single monster out there wants to kill you and everyone you know isn’t the only way that Town differs from Pokemon. From what we gather based on the very, very (very) limited information available about Town at this time, it appears that the game will utilize a kind of Suikoden-like party system. That is to say that it sounds like you’ll be able to recruit various members of the town at some point and utilize their unique abilities. 

Combat seems to borrow some ideas from the turn-based battles in the Pokemon series, but it looks like the combat in this title will offer more options than a limited series of attacks and abilities. However, the few shots of it that we’ve seen suggest that the game might utilize some kind of elemental advantages and weaknesses similar to what we saw in Pokemon

Town also sports a beautiful cel-shaded visual style that looks to be perfectly in-line with the aesthetics of more recent Pokemon games. There also appears to be a twinge of mythological influence in some of the character designs, but it’s not clear at this time whether this game is directly drawing from any real-life mythological elements. 

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We certainly didn’t see this game coming, but Town sounds interesting even before you realize that this game is being worked on by an incredibly talented group of designers and developers. Hopefully, they reveal a little more about the title ahead of its 2019 release date. 

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