Top 5 Mobile Games of the Week (September 20 – September 26)

We do some quantum jumping in a blisteringly fast and high-tech world, and do whatever it takes to get our trousers back from the throngs of evil…

This week’s Top 5 mobile games list comes with a very important note before we get into all of the great new handheld titles that are sure to consume the majority of your weekend. The important note is this: never before have I had such a difficult time in ranking the Top 5 picks on one of these lists, and so it’s very possible that you could interchange the five top placements on this list with one another to a similar effect. What this all boils down to is that this week’s top picks are ALL equally amazing in their own right, and should be played by anyone with a smartphone or tablet close at hand. So since all is fair in love and mobile gaming, here are Den of Geek’s Top 5 picks for the week of September 20 – September 26:

5. Boson X

Developer: Ian MacLarty | Platform: iOS | Price: $1.99

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Hey, you know that brand new shiny iPhone 5s you just bought? Well you’d better be prepared to smash that little beauty against the wall in sheer frustration and unstoppable gamer rage after playing Boson X, the next great impossibly hard “one more try” game after Super Hexagon and Impossible Line. The gameplay in Boson X is simple: just keep running along the cylindrical track and jumping on different platforms that pop up to avoid falling down the gaps, as the world spins around you and constantly changes colors and gives life to new hazardous obstacles. Okay, so maybe it’s not all that simple, but there’s still no denying the fact that this game is downright FUN. The first dozen or some times that you play, you’ll probably die within the first 30 seconds until you can put yourself in a kind of groove or trance, where you block out the surrounding world around you and just keep your laser focus on every perfectly-timed quantum jump. If you keep that up, then maybe you’ll last 40 seconds or so. But however infuriating the constant taste of defeat in Boson X might be, there’s just something about the sheer amount of variety in the ever-changing environments (especially for a base endless runner game) and the addictiveness of online leaderboards that always keeps you coming back for more, and weaving in and out of the cracks on your brand new iPhone 5s screen.

Download Boson X on the iOS App Store

4. Trouserheart

Developer: 10tons Ltd | Platform: iOS | Price: $2.99

Ah, the harrowing tale of the intrepid Trouserheart! I’m sure you’ve heard the legends, no doubt, passed down from generation to generation, of the fearless red-bearded King who embarked on a dangerous quest to the ends of the kingdom to retrieve his stolen trousers. But of course, trouser-retrieval was a little more challenging back then: for you see, instead of simply dropping by the nearest Gap outlet and picking up a new pair of pants, our noble King must battle with the likes of fearsome monsters that run rampart through the kingdom, from Blockolds and Tentacles, to Derp Knights and Jelly Cubes. But the real test of the King’s endurance and courage? Why, the fact that he must slay these foul creatures all while weary a spiffy pair of boxers (the polka-dotted heart variety, naturally). The game plays out like a syrupy sweet hack-and-slash adventure game, with colors so bright and action so smooth that you’ll ask yourself where this game was all your life back when you were tearing things up on the PS1 and N64. So whether you’re a fan of the game’s challenging difficulty and 10 epic boss fights, or the light RPG elements that stand to pepper your proud King and his gingery beard with all sorts of skills, there’s one thing that’s for sure: after playing Trouserheart, you’ll never look at a pair of pants the same way again!

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Download Trouserheart on the iOS App Store

3. Pocket Trains

Developer: NimbleBit | Platform: iOS and Android| Price: Free

Here’s a funny story for you all. Once upon a time, there was a small indie game studio called NimbleBit, who had an idea for an addictive simulation game about managing trains. One thing eventually led to another, and somewhere along the way the trains from the original concept were replaced with planes (and hey, the words do rhyme so I can certainly see how the mix-up may have happened). Anyway, the resultant Pocket Planes went on to take the mobile gaming world by storm in all of its pixelated airport management glory. A few years went by, and NimbleBit kept pumping out the mobile gaming hits, including Tiny Tower and the wonderful Nimble Quest, which ranked impressively high on one of our very own Top 5 mobile games lists in the past. But now, with all this success firmly planted under their belt, NimbleBit has decided to go back to their roots and actually make what almost once never was: Pocket Trains! That’s right, in revisiting their original idea, NimbleBit has finally managed to bring us the adorably pixelated train management game that they were always destined to develop, and by the first time you hear that whistle blow, you’ll know that the end result has been more than worth the wait.

Download Pocket Trains on the iOS App Store | Download Pocket Trains on the Google Play Marketplace

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2. Shadowrun Returns

Developer: Harebrained Schemes | Platform: iOS | Price: $9.99

In many ways, Shadowrun Returns could easily be seen as the quintessential example of a Kickstarter project gone right: from an honest developer looking for help, to providing a brand new entry in a much beloved and oft-forgotten series, to actually following through with their Kickstarter promise and delivering the final game as first advertised. Shadowrun Returns embodies all of those things, and after the PC version of the game made its mark on the Steam community earlier this summer, we now have a mobile release that fine-tunes the applauded adventure with pitch-perfect touchscreen controls. Featuring a massive single-player campaign that spans upwards of 12 hours, the gameplay of Shadowrun Returns dips into the pool of strategic turn-based tactical combat which has been all the rage this gaming season if turn-based giants like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Omerta: City of Gangsters should serve as any indication. But what’s truly great about this one is that Shadowrun Returns stays true to the classic Shadowrun universe that first captured the hearts of gamers so many years ago, and it really goes to show that sometimes re-imagining an old gaming franchise with explosive new gameplay can work wonders towards reigniting a spark in a much dormant series. And considering the 350 different kinds of weapons you’ll be able to use throughout the game, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Shadowrun Returns will see a lot of sparks (and bullets) flying.

Download Shadowrun Returns on the iOS App Store

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1. FIFA 14

Developer: Electronic Arts | Platform: iOS and Android | Price: Free

Some of the fondest memories I have of my beloved college years involve me sitting in my dorm room and watching my roommate talk trash to people while playing FIFA 12 online. Sure, he was good enough at the game to warrant so verbal showboating, and even though my own extent of soccer skills peaked in the fourth grade when I accidentally blocked a goal by stopping the ball with my face, I liked to pretend that I was just as good at watching the game as well. Well now I don’t have to pretend any longer, because with the mobile release of FIFA 14 this week, I can finally become the soccer star that I was definitely never destined to be! The game reaches close to the pinnacle of what a sports game can achieve today on a mobile device, with incredibly realistic graphics, and a wonderful setup that incorporates 33 different real world leagues and over 600 licensed teams, not to mention the seamless online interactions that let you build your very own fantasy team and compete against others in adrenaline-fuelled tournaments. And as if all of that wasn’t enough to make you feel like the soccer star of your very own dreams, then additional classic FIFA modes can also be unlocked within the game as well, including Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off.

Download FIFA 14 on the iOS App Store | Download FIFA 14 on the Google Play Marketplace

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