Top 5 Mobile Games of the Week (Feb 8 – Feb 14)

We fought our way through a Roman coliseum; protected our redneck and shotgun-toting heritage from endless hoards of the undead; and put our cat in its place in this week of mobile gaming…

Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and it is time for Den of Geek’s Top 5 Mobile Games of the Week: Valentine’s Day Edition. And what better way to say “I love you” than by having you and your sweetheart clear out a bar full of zombies or dismember gladiators in a Roman coliseum? Okay, so maybe none of the best new games this week had anything to do with love and relationships, but I can’t help if I’m still a romantic at heart! Sadly, it seems like Valentine’s Day has left Android users to take a cold mobile shower this year, as all of this week’s picks reside strictly on iOS platforms. So break out the flowers and chocolate, because here are our Top 5 mobile picks for the week of Feb 8 – Feb 14:

5. HackyCat

Platform: iOS | Price: $0.99

Nothing says awesome mobile time waster like kicking helpless kittens sky high into the air or watching them get blown to bits by way of explosive pink birds. Now, now, before you go calling PETA or the nearest animal shelter, HackyCat is definitely not a game that takes itself seriously and I think just from reading its title you should know not to take it all that seriously either. HackyCat features dozens of friendly felines with cutesy names you can adopt, and then subsequently pummel to bits with your sneakers: all while picking up cheeseburger collectibles along the way. In many ways, HackyCat can be seen as a social commentary of sorts on the internet’s fascination with adorable cat memes, but the best part about this game is that it’s just so incredibly addicting and way too easy to play it hundreds of times in a single sitting. When you think of it that way, it sure adds up to a lot of foot imprints on poor old Fluffy over there! This game makes me wonder what other kinds of helpless creatures or household objects could make the perfect Hacky Sack substitute, so let me just lace up my kicking shoes and I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out . . .

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Download HackyCat on the iOS App Store

4. Rock Runners

Platform: iOS | Price: $0.99

Fans of the incredible Rayman Jungle Run will feel right at home with Rock Runners, the latest action adventure platformer from Chillingo that borrows a few tricks from the endless runner crowd. Set in a cool, space mining environment, timing is key in Rock Runners, as you’ll have to tap and hold the screen at just the right moments to execute jumps and swing off grappling points to snag every last gem. There’s also a really neat portal aspect to the game, which lets you warp back to different segments in a single run and have another go at any gems you may have missed the first time around. Each of the game’s 140 stages has three challenging bonus objectives for you to complete in addition to reaching the goal, like finishing within a certain time or avoiding deadly hazards like drills and purple goo. Racking up enough gems will let you unlock new characters or purchase upgrades like gem magnets, boosters that help if you stumble and invaluable power shields that temporarily protect you from hazards. The rich 3D visuals are a real treat to look at, with shadowy mining equipment looming in the background as you score your perfect runs.

Download Rock Runners on the iOS App Store

3. I, Gladiator

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Platform: iOS | Price: $4.99

Who wouldn’t want to be revered by all Rome and the Roman Gods as the greatest, most deadly warrior around? I, Gladiator follows in the vein of popular gladiatorial combat titles like Infinity Blade, but with the gorgeous cel-shaded graphics of the Borderlands series. There’s even a little Dead Space thrown in for good measure, as you tear your opponents from limb to limb and leave them as quivering, dismembered piles of meat on the dusty coliseum floor. You’ll have a ton of ancient weapons at your disposal to do this, from swords and maces, to your bare iron fists and even more to unlock through the in-game munitions store. But the game isn’t just limited to mindless hack-and-slash action. You can also lure your enemies into traps and impale them with spears jutting up from the ground as you take on multiple opponents at once. Oh and did I mention the bloodthirsty lions you’ll also be pitted against? The game offers a ton of depth between its main story mode and tournament challenges and everything is sewn together nicely by some beautifully rendered cut scenes. While I, Gladiator may be a little too pricey for some, no one ever said the gladiator life was easy! Download I, Gladiator on the iOS App Store

2. Relic Rush

Platform: iOS | Price: $0.99

Pixel art is all the rage this season and Forest Moon’s one touch controlled adventure game Relic Rush is here to remind us why we love that old school look so much in the first place. I mean, the introductory trailer alone poses the question: “Do you long for some hot retro action?” Just listening to that gorgeous retro soundtrack brings back so many memories of playing StarTropics and other greats of the NES canon in my basement when I was a kid! In Relic Rush, you play as a tiny 8-bit adventurer, who must clear a series of single-screen stages by climbing up ladders and dodging dangerous hazards, in order to recover the world’s most precious, ancient relics. The game features over 150 stages spread out across 5 unique environments like the jungle and the arctic, where you’ll need to outsmart the likes of penguins and snowball throwing trolls. There’s also a nice amount of replay value to be had here, as you vie to complete each set of stages in the shortest amount of time and with the least number of deaths in all that intense, nostalgic glory.

Download Relic Rush on the iOS App Store

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1. Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip

Platform: Android | Price: $0.99

If you happen to be a fan of the cult TV show The Walking Dead, then you might already have a pretty good idea of how well those southern rednecks would fare in an all out zombie apocalypse. Well now acclaimed mobile developer Bulkypix has put your hootin’ and hollerin’ skills up to the test in Redneck Revenge: A Zombie Roadtrip, where you play as a disgruntled redneck named Red after an invasion of zombies overruns his bar. You’ll move Red up and down the lefthand side of the screen, while hoardes of zombies are constantly barreling towards you from the right. The setup sort of reminds me of Plants vs. Zombies in a way: you know, if the cutesy Sunflowers and Pea Shooters were equipped with 12 gauge shotguns and spit chewing tobacco. In addition to the main story mode, where you’ll travel with Red from his bar all the way down Route 66, you can also partake in an endless survival mode, which lends itself to some rather nice larger-than-life boss fights. Everything about the game’s presentation, from its smooth, colorful graphics, to its delicious brainsquishing and reloading sounds are extremely well done and, as an action arcade game, Redneck Revenge is just a whole mess of fun (literally, as things get pretty messy in the bar with all those zombie guts splashing around).