The Witcher: Netflix Script Leaks Cause Controversy

Some fans are really worried about The Witcher TV series after audition scripts leaked on the internet.

The Witcher
Photo: CD Projekt Red

The audition scripts for Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher have leaked online, and they’re causing quite a stir. The leaked scripts showcase two scenes that are being used for casting purposes.

In the first, Yennefer and Geralt exchange some witty banter while they’re getting ready for a formal party. In this scene, Geralt and Yen are portrayed as clever and attractive people whose dialogue exchanges hint at the show featuring quite a bit of humor. Familiar Witcher characters like Sabrina and Triss are also referenced during this sequence. 

As some fans have pointed out, the character descriptions and other details included as part of this sequence suggest that the show might borrow more from the games than the books. While it’s been noted that the show will actually draw upon various Witcher material, we wouldn’t be surprised if the slightly more cinematic nature of the games makes them easier to pull from. 

The other scene is an incredibly short exchange between Yennefer and a king. It seems that Yennefer is not fond of this particular king and wastes no time in letting him know how she really feels about him. 

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While some fans are worried that the dialogue in these scenes doesn’t really feel true to the tone of the series and the characters, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has already taken to Twitter to assure fans that they were aware that there was a strong possibility these scenes would be leaked, which is why they crafted scenes that were specifically intended for the auditions. As such, she doesn’t want anyone to think that these scenes represent anything that is near final. 

There’s no word on who might be participating in these initial casting calls, but we know one famous actor who would love to try out for the role of Geralt

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