The Walking Dead: Our World – Release Date Confirmed

The Walking Dead wants to capitalize on the Pokemon Go trend with a new mobile augmented reality game.

The Walking Dead: Our World – the new AR game from AMC and Next Games – is set to release on July 12 for Android and iOS.

The Walking Dead: Our World is an AR mobile game that allows you to wander the streets of our world and pretend that you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. From what we can gather, it seems that the gameplay largely consists of locating supply drops and other such beneficial items while avoiding the zombie hordes. Should you encounter one of the hordes, you’ll transition into an AR viewpoint that will allow you and your teammates – who all seem to be popular Walking Dead characters – to do battle with the undead

So yes, Our World does sound a lot like Pokemon Go with zombies. There are some differences – it seems there will be some kind of loot system that allows you to locate weapons of various quality – but the concepts appear to be relatively similar. 

The Our World developers at Next Game have stated that the game’s information will be taken from Google Maps, meaning that the app should be able to keep up with changes to your location roughly as they occur. They’re hoping that will help enhance the game’s sense of “immersion.” We’ll see whether or not the team is able to recreate the theoretical thrills of a zombie apocalypse via this design style when Our World launches soon.

Of course, this isn’t the only Pokemon GO-style mobile game in the works. There’s also a Jurassic Park AR title in the works as well as a Harry Potter AR title that we still don’t know that much about. 

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It’s hardly surprising to see so many mobile games recreate the Pokemon GO gameplay design given that GO is one of the most successful mobile titles ever. What is surprising is how long its taken for these studios to jump on that particular bandwagon. It remains to be seen whether or not these games can inspire people to wander the streets and engage in an AR communal experience once more.