The Walking Dead FPS teaser trailer

Activision’s Walking Dead shooter has dropped a teaser trailer, and here it is…

Yesterday we found out that Activision is working on a new Walking Dead game, this time not an adventure title like the Telltale Games’ variation, but instead a full-on action FPS with a heavy survival theme.

Focusing on events before the main story seen in the comics and the TV show, the new game will centre around Daryl and Merle Dixon, as they make their way through the outbreak, all the way to Atlanta, and presumably, Merle’s handicapping encounter with Rick and Co. on the roof.

Although it’s gameplay-free, here’s the teaser trailer, which does a good job in pumping up interest for the game. Will the game be little more than a Call of Duty clone with zombies and crossbows? Or will developer, Terminal Reality, produce a new breed of Activision FPS? Time will tell.

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