The Surge Release Date, Trailer, & Latest News

Get one last cinematic look at The Surge's breed of sci-fi action.

The Surge Latest News

Celebrate the impending release of The Surge with this new launch trailer that hopes to convince you that The Surge is the Dark Souls successor you need in your life. 

The Surge Release Date

The Surge is will release on May 16th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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The Surge Trailers

The Surge‘s limb-based targeting system is the focus of this new gameplay trailer that shows you just how right and wrong combat in this game can go. 

This trailer is all about the targeting system, loot, and all the different gear and weapons you have at your disposal. It’s a pretty gruesome bit of gameplay footage. Check it out below:

This trailer for The Surge not only showcases the enhancements the – very likely evil – corporation known as CREO provides to the player, but also reveals that The Surge will be releasing on May 16th. At that time, we fully expect to enjoy dying again and again to massive mechanical creations in the pursuit of loot and upgrades. 

While developer Deck 13 and Focus Home Interactive have been focusing on showing off The Surge‘s gameplay thus far, the latest review for the game shows off the title’s universe by giving us a glimpse at the evil – we assume – Creo corporation and a particularly bad first day on the job for an employee at this – likely – evil corporation. 

Here’s another trailer showcasing the game’s deep combat system:

Here again, we see that The Surge‘s combat emphasizes the same kind of deliberate target isolation system featured in titles like Dark Souls. Just as in those games, the battles in The Surge pits you against a variety of foes whose unique attacks will require you to adjust your strategies if you plan on surviving. 

Developer Deck13 showcased their upcoming action RPG title The Surge at Gamescom 2016 with this in-depth gameplay preview that offers a thorough look at what makes this title so special. 

The world of The Surge is described as a dystopian future where the Earth is on its last legs. The remaining humans have banded together to complete special projects designed to prolong the life of the planet and maybe even find a long-term solution. Soon, however, they have let advancements in technology overwhelm Earth. Humanity is now a redundancy, and you must fight your way through the twisted mechanized creations seeking to end you. 

Gameplay wise, you’ll find that The Surge shares more than a few key traits with the Dark Souls series. Just like in those games, the combat here is heavily stamina based, meaning that you’ll really need to consider your next move in order to ensure that you’ll be able to execute it properly without leaving yourself vulnerable the at key moments. One neat little twist that The Surge does put on this formula is the implementation of a limb targeting system that allows you to attack vulnerable enemy spots or consider specific actions such as avoiding hitting someone’s head so you can loot their untarnished helmet afterward. 

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Similarly, the game’s levels sport that same kind of free-flowing Metroidvania feel that Dark Souls helped to popularize in this genre. Every section of the game flows into the next, and it will often be necessary to find certain shortcuts and items that will allow you to proceed to new areas. Your character can also be upgraded via a Deus Ex-style ability system as well as by combining found resources to create new equipment. 

There has been no shortage of Dark Souls-like games in the past few years in both the indie and mainstream markets. One developer contributing to this corner of action RPGs is Deck13 Interactive, the company behind 2014’s Lords of the Fallen. Their latest, a game called The Surge, takes the Dark Souls formula to a sci-fi setting full exosuits and killer robot enemies. 

Polygon revealed a first look of the gameplay last year. Here’s the short video:

The Surge Details

The Surge developer Deck 13 recently spoke to IGN regarding how the game’s limb-based targeting helps separates their upcoming title from similar titles like Dark Souls and Nioh

“Our combat has hard and light attacks, horizontal and vertical attacks as well as the ability to target specific body parts,” said head of design Adam Hetenyi. “That makes each fight more tactical and allows you to choose whether you want to fight in a more technical way that focuses on different body parts or a more straightforward way that simply targets an enemy’s weak spot.”

Essentially, then, The Surge encourages you to consider your enemy’s method of attack and counter it appropriately. Up against a giant behemoth with a sword for an arm? Remove the arm and limit the danger. 

Beyond that, Deck 13 is looking to differentiate The Surge through gameplay modifications both minor (like how you’ll be required to find your body in a limited amount of time to recover your resources) and significant. The most interesting example of the latter modifications is the way that The Surge will emphasize choice-based gameplay. There will be several instances throughout the game which will require you to choose between a few possible paths to completion. None are necessarily wrong or based on morals, but each provides a unique experience. 

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